15 August 2016

Little Black Dress

I love black dresses and I love lace, so when the two come together I can't really resist, and you can never really have too many LBD's right?! This little number from Pretty Little Thing is a mixture of black and sheer panels, and the skirt of it is tiered to add a little something different to the usual single layer. I particularly like the way it's sheer in some areas and opaque in others because a lot of lace dresses can be see through in awkward areas which make bra straps an absolute nightmare to conceal. I also love that the sleeves cut off halfway down the forearm because I think it's such a flattering length and makes a difference to either having a long sleeved or sleeveless dress. 

I completed it with a little pink clutch from Koko Couture rather than going for an all black look, and I absolutely love it - they have so many great on trend but affordable bags and I already have my eye on this one too! For shoes, I kept it simple with a pair of not-too-high nude heels from Marks & Spencer, which are possibly the most comfortable that I've come across from a high street store, yay for my feet!

Outfit Links
Bag - Koko Couture
Shoes - M&S

Photography - Lauren @ Britton Loves

I'd love to know what you think of the outfit and what your favourite kind of dress is!
Speak to you soon - 

18 July 2016

Summer Statement Pieces

It's quite a new thing for me, but lately I absolutely adore combining simple, monochrome pieces in my wardrobe with colourful prints. I've particularly been getting into skirts a lot more than I used to be, mainly because as I've gotten older I've started to wear things simply because I like them, rather than holding back because I'm too busy worrying about whether my legs are tanned or look too pale! Not to mention it also makes a change from the usual skinny jeans and t-shirt duo but really doesn't take any more effort.

Bag - New Look

Being on the hunt for colourful prints, I fell in love with the skirt straight away because it's such a statement piece without being overbearing, and the texture from the crochet also adds a really nice dimension which a lot of my other skirts don't have. I wanted to pair it with something much more stripped back - smarter than a vest, more casual than a shirt, so I thought this top was the perfect midpoint and has the flared sleeves and crossover back which are so on trend at the moment. I accompanied them with the coral bag which I thought would bring out the colours of the skirt nicely without causing any clashes, and the nude heels to keep the look suitable for day and night. All in all, I really love this outfit and I've worn it out a bunch of times since shooting it (I think I'm finally leaving my monochrome only safety zone!)

Do let me know what you think of this outfit from Joy, and what kind of colours you love wearing most in summer? Speak to you soon!
*This post was in collaboration with Joy, however is not a sponsored post.


4 July 2016

Beauty | Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

Hey guys! I thought I'd review some new (new to me anyway...) products from Charlotte Tilbury for you today because I haven't posted much beauty in a while. 

First up the Matte Revolution lipstick in the shade Bond Girl. It's just beautiful isn't it? The kind of product that you slightly don't want to try because you'll ruin how great it looks when it's new. That goes for pretty much all CT products though to be honest! The colour itself was more purple than I expected, which is great because if it was a bit more on the red side I would feel less inclined to wear it day to day like I have been doing since I got it. 

The formula is incredible, probably the best in a matte lipstick that I've ever tried - it glides on, doesn't stick to any dry areas and doesn't dry up over time either so your lips stay looking full of life rather than a bit suffocated. It is honestly a dream because I only ever wear matte lipsticks (I'm not a huge fan of the way glossier ones look and feel on me) and I struggle so much with the formulas. Above that, it's long lasting as well, and I usually apply one layer, blot and then apply another to seal it all in. I think I'll be picking it up in more shades for sure.

The Legendary Lashes mascara sadly had some great points and some bad points too. Don't get me wrong, it gives me longer and fuller looking lashes in a flash, as promised, and is so good at separating my lashes at the same time so that they don't clump in the process. It also stays black all day, as I know with a lot of mascaras they can go a bit dull or grey looking and fall flat after a while. 

The downside is that formula for some reason is just so prone to smudging (that's not to say it would be like that for everyone, but on me it did). Now obviously I wasn't going to stop using it because it isn't the cheapest mascara, and bar the smudging it made my lashes look great. So on top of it I started applying a mascara top coat (mine is from Clarins but I know a few brands do them) and it fixed it completely. I've had problems with smudging with so many mascaras before so I don't know how I hadn't tried it before. That said, if I didn't already have the topcoat, I probably wouldn't repurchase this mascara, mainly due to the fact I expect a product to do a little better on it's own at that price.

So I hope that gave you a little insight into these two products, and obviously the lipstick is my favourite of the two - in fact, its probably my favourite lipstick of all at the moment, so do go and check out the collection if you can. 

What's your favourite Charlotte Tilbury product? I'd love some recommendations!
Speak to you soon, 

20 June 2016

Keeping Fit with The Pack | Virgin Active

A few weeks ago I was invited to go over to Virgin Active in Mayfair to try out one of their new group exercise classes - The Pack. I was of course really up for it because I always find I'm so much more motivated with classes, compared to when I try to do it by myself out in the gym. Anyone else with me on that one? I think I just find it easier to keep going when I see everyone else doing it too.
The class was split into three different groups which all compete against each other, and to make us all even more competitive, they had arranged this one to be Food vs Fashion vs Beauty bloggers. I was in the Fashion pack which was lead by Ali.
The class itself is split into four different challenges, which I think really helped to break it down rather than have it seem like one long daunting challenge, and the music and light effects throughout helped to keep the energy flowing really well. The fact that the big screen shows the team's progress really urges you on because noone wants to let the side down! It is a real calorie-burner and just from one workout I could tell that if you do this class consistently, it would seriously help tone and sculpt your lower body.
I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but my god what a workout. There were a few moments where I was just like 'I literally cannot' but the class leader kept coming around and motivating us that little bit more, and I think by the end it gives you a real sense of achievement (and a lot of heavy breathing...). I think cycle classes might just be my new fave.
After the workout, I couldn't been happier to find these incredible brownies from Soulmate Food the size of my head on the table, I think we earned them!

 Let me know what you think of this class, do you like group exercise?
Speak to you soon and keep up with all my posts here -

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