23 May 2016

Mini Monaco Day Trip + Why I Love To Travel

Today I'm sharing a few snaps from our day trip to Monaco that we went along to while we were in Nice, there are only a few because my camera decided to let the side down, and so I thought I'd talk a little bit about why I love to travel as well.
Because it was a bit of a last minute decision, when we got to Monaco we had quite literally no idea which way to go or even what we were looking for, so we just walked straight and hoped for the best. Luckily we didn't get completely lost and spotted the water so just tried to walk in that general direction and try not to let the amount of stairs knacker us out before we even got to the bottom!
The sheer number of yachts when we got to the bottom was actually ridiculous and highlighted how different it was to Nice which was a lot more modest to say the least! Just a completely different lifestyle which you could tell within an hour of being there. But my god was it beautiful, everything was pristine and every building was just as pretty as the last. There were also so many cool cafe's on the waterfront, any excuse for ice-cream and iced coffee!
After stopping off for a refuel, we wandered around and made our way up to the Prince's Palace of Monaco to see the views from up there - if you're ever there and only have a few hours, then going up all the stairs right to the top is so so worth it.

Viewing everything from above also made it way easier when we were trying to work out how we would make our way back to the station later on! I really wish we had longer to spend here so we could have explored some more but as we were only on a weekend break, time was a bit tight. I guess that's all the more reason to go back!

So as you might have gathered from this post, the thing that I love most about travelling is the spontaneity of it. Going somewhere that you've never been before and not knowing what to expect, what or who you'll come across, and knowing that every trip you go on will change you in ways that you can't go back on. Even when you go somewhere and you've planned everything down to a t, I can guarantee you will end up doing things that you didn't expect or end up with a completely random favourite memory. So when I said at the beginning of this post that we had no idea where we were when we got there (with no internet or google maps), it was a pretty great feeling that you don't get often enough.

It's just a great way to feel fulfilled and in my opinion the best thing to spend my money on (food is a close second in case you were wondering) and once uni is over I plan to be doing a lot more of it.

Let me know below what your favourite thing about travelling is, I'd really love to know!

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6 July 2015

Lifestyle | Amida Spa Day

Today's post is all about my trip to Amida Spa at Chelsea Harbour Club which was such a lovely, relaxing day. Set by the river thames, it is based in one of my favourite areas of London, with amazing riverside restaurants and one of my favourite areas to clear my head and go for a walk. 

Onto the spa itself, my first impression of it was that although there were quite a few people using the facilities and receiving treatments, the way it was set out meant that it did not feel crowded at all, and  like I had someone looking after me at all times should I have needed anything. The simple decor and lighting really gave it a cosy feel too - can't help but notice great interior after being glued to Pinterest right? The first part of the spa day was a full body massage which made me realise that I should have massages far more often than I do. My massage therapist was incredible and I may have (definitely) fallen asleep at one point. I felt about 10 times lighter after the massage and you really don't realise how much tension there is in your body until you have one. The therapist tailored the products she used on me to suit the rest of my day, and as I had to travel back to uni afterwards, she didn't want to make me sleepy for the entire day and opted for refreshing scents and oils which were absolutely beautiful. 

After the massage I went over to the wet spa, which included the swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool, sauna and heated relaxation beds. Unlike most pools/wet spa's I was lucky enough to be completely on my own for a little while which definitely added to the feeling of being completely relaxed and in my own little zone. The hydrotherapy pool was amazing and felt like another little massage in itself, but my favourite part had to be the heated relaxation beds which I could have spent hours on - it was pretty much like laying on a warm cloud and I think would be the perfect way to wind down after a gym or swim session. 
I had the loveliest time, and after being so busy with my dissertation and stressing over far too many things, it was a day that I definitely needed. I highly recommend the spa, even if it's just for the amazing massage and I will definitely be keeping it in mind when planning birthday presents/relaxing breaks for people. You can read all about them and the different types of treatments and spa days that they have to offer right here, beyond the ones that I've already spoken about. Let me know below about any spa day's that you've had recently!

Hope you guys have a lovely start to the week, and catch you in the next post!


7 March 2015

Lifestyle | Blow Dry at Duck & Dry

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Hey guys! Today's post is all about Duck & Dry, an awesome boutique blow dry bar on the Kings Road that I had been eager to visit ever since it opened. I missed out on the opening event because of university which I was gutted about as I really wanted to check the place out, so I was over the moon when they kindly invited me to go and try it out once I was back home! 

It may still be pretty new but as soon as I walked in I could tell why this place had caught on so quickly and made its mark in the area like it had been there a long while. The staff were professional but super friendly and I was made to feel comfortable from the moment I stepped in. I've had many experiences in hairdressers where it's obvious they don't care all that much about the customer, and they just want you in and out as soon as possible - needless to say I've not returned to those places. Duck & Dry on the other hand was the complete opposite and each customer had someone checking up on them and making sure they were happy with everything. It's definitely not the kind of place where you would be made to feel awkward for wanting to stop to put your phone on charge! My stylist was the lovely Giovanni, who managed to do my hair in the space of 15 minutes and make it look amazing - and I have a LOT of hair. Some hairdressers have taken the best part of an hour trying to blow dry my hair and it usually hadn't looked any better than when I did it myself, but I would give a lot to be able to do what Giovanni did to my hair, everyday. He even gave me a middle parting which I had never ever tried out before because I was so used to a side parting that I just didn't think it suited me, but I loved it and he definitely gave me a little bit of confidence to sport a new hairstyle.  

I went for Low Tide Waves, but there is a whole menu available to choose from and of course the stylists are always on hand to make recommendations. All blow dry's are £28 no matter how much hair you have or how long it is - this was amazing as most places base the price on this! They also have an Up-Do menu which ranges from casual styles to a few which would be perfect for a special occasion, all of which come to £35. I think it's such a good idea to have this as an option because I hardly ever wear my hair up as I think it looks so boring on me, as well as the fact I'm utterly useless when it comes to doing anything fancy with an Up-Do and I'd love to go back and see what they can do with it. 

Alongside the amazing service, I also loved the design of the place. The pretty exterior matched the super trendy and light open space inside, which had a really cosy feel unlike many salons which can be quite intimidating and office-y. Adding to the cosy feel was the bar located right next to the blow dry area which had drinks and snacks readily available for customers should you want any. It is such a gorgeous space and because of that, they also have the option to hold events there from birthdays to blow dry breakfasts, maybe even a blogger event! I think it's a really nice and different idea where you can get the girls together to have some fun and have your hair done at the same time, or you can even book them to come out to where you are for the day! 

No matter whether you intend on going for a casual blow dry or making an event of it, I have a feeling you wouldn't be disappointed with the Duck & Dry experience - I know it's definitely going to be my new favourite place to do my hair and I have already recommended it to pretty much every woman I know. I can tell that it's going to do so well and I look forward to seeing what it achieves. I'd love to know if you've visited before, and which styles you like the look of from the menu!  

Speak soon...


18 January 2015

Lifestyle | Best Fitness Channels

Can you believe how quickly January is going by? It seems like a yesterday we were all setting out our goals and resolutions for the year, many of which consisted of getting down to the gym or generally getting fit. How are all your fitness resolutions going? I hope you guys have been sticking with it the best that you can and don't give up if you've had days when you've found it more difficult than others - it's much easier to keep going with it if you approach it in little steps rather than throwing yourself in at the deep end. It's the way I approached it last year and now I look forward to going to the gym and trying out different classes, it feels much better to stick with something than feel guilty for not doing so. Of course you don't need a gym membership to get fit and even if you do have a membership there might be days where you don't want to leave the house so with these handy links bookmarked you'll have no excuse! You can do it in the comfort of your own living room, and unlike the gym you can choose to blast out music to your hearts desire (nothing like a bit of Shake It Off to get you motivated). So for those of you that would prefer home workouts, I thought I'd put together my top five channels that you can work out to without spending a penny - get those mats out! 

1. Yoga With Adriene - This channel is great for anyone who loves yoga, and whether you know your stuff, want to use it to lose weight or are just wanting to start out, there will be something for you here or on the website to help you connect with your body. The videos are super easy to follow and I find myself wanting to go back to them over and over again - especially on days when I somehow don't manage to make it to the 8 o'clock yoga class...oops!

2. Blogilates - This is a channel that most people seem to have heard of if they do workouts online, and there is even a website with recipes and other fitness ideas to help you out. If anyone can motivate you from inside a computer screen, it's Cassey. She actually makes you feel like you can do it and not want to give up halfway through which is amazing considering some of them are killer! They range from all body workouts to targeting your abs, arms, you name it - she's probably done it. A great channel that I find myself going to when I want to do a quick workout or if I need some routine inspiration to take to the gym with me. 

3. Fitness Blender - I really like the way this channel has full length workout videos that can actually count for an entire session, as some channels can consist of smaller workouts that you can put together with others - with this one it's all there in the video you click on. On the website there are always ways to make it customisable and tailor workouts and even meal plans to suit your needs and targets, and you can track your progress too. Daniel and Kelli are for sure an inspirational pair!

4. Pop Sugar - This one consists of slightly more random videos, rather than the others where you can expect full routines and workout plans, this one is where you'll most likely find things like 'bikini body' workouts or '5 minute blasts' for those who don't have time on their side. It's also good for tips relating to eating habits and generally more lifestyle related.

5. Be Fit - Lastly is this absolute gem which out of all of them, reminds me a lot of the kind of workouts I do in my gym classes. It has a bit of everything, from yoga to strength training to working out with weights and it features different people so it's good for those of you who like to change things up regularly, if on the other hand you want to become comfortable with the same person and consistent methods, then 1-3 are more up your alley.

I hope this post has helped you guys find some useful new tools for your fitness journey and do let me know what your targets are/what you're hoping to achieve this year -I'd love to know how it's going. Speak to you soon! 

10 January 2015

Lifestyle | Nature's Changes

I've gone all creative on you in today's post! - As you guys know, I love nature and even more so getting my camera out and capturing it as much as possible. I enjoy noticing all the different changes that happen around us, so I wanted to find a way to capture to put it in a post.

1 January 2015

Lifestyle | Hopes for 2015

I prefer the term hopes rather than resolutions because resolutions seem to be associated with things that people want to just change as soon as the new year begins and most of the time things don't quite work out like that (as nice as that would be!). When it comes to hopes, they're things that are pretty much always with me, some are things that I've noticed in the past year, others are things that I've been wanting to improve on gradually for years and they're very much still with me. I'm grateful for the past year and of course everything that happens is relative to each of us, no-one's life is always good and we deal with the bad things in our own way, but sometimes seeing what can happen in the world reminds me of how lucky I am for everything in my life. Things may get mushy up in here, but I know you love it.

28 September 2014

Lifestyle | Feeling Upbeat

Upbeat Protein Drink Dairy Review

As you all know, I try to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle - I do my best to eat well, exercise, keep hydrated - but I don't think I'll ever be able to give up the not so healthy food I love (all in moderation of course). I also try to do my best to make sure that I have the sufficient amount of iron, protein, calcium etc in my diet, but the one that I have always struggled with is getting enough protein and trying to understand it's benefits, so I have tried to up my game in the egg, fish and meat departments. 

The only issue is that there are going to be days where I won't always have the motivation to set out a meal which gives me all the nutrition that I need in that particular day, sometimes a girl just wants to indulge in something without thinking about everything that is in it, and it's days like that where I feel drinks like Upbeat come in very handy indeed. When I was contacted to give these a road-test, I checked out what they had to offer and definitely wanted to give them a go to see how they fared.  Produced by The Good Whey Co, Upbeat isn't about making you raise the levels of protein that you give to your body, but more to maintain it so that you have steady levels of it to last you throughout the day and allow your body to have the sufficient tools to build new cells and provide you with enough energy.  

First of all, they're definitely the nicest looking and tasting protein drinks I've tried - especially considering I used to have the pretty common misconception of associating the giant tubs of whey protein with the Arnold Schwarzenneger lookalikes in the gym. Unlike some others that I've tried which claim to taste like a milkshake but realistically taste more like you're being punished, these are actually delicious. After trying out the Strawberry and Blueberry & Raspberry flavours, the drinks seemed more like a tasty treat rather than a supplement, and with 20g of protein at under 150 calories it's definitely better to reach for one of these as a 'snack' compared to always opting for a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps. In comparison to those huge tubs of protein supplements that I mentioned which always have chemical-like names in the ingredients list that I've never heard of before, Upbeat are pretty user-friendly and everything in the ingredients list is easy to understand. As much as I try to get protein through eggs and other sources, it's good to get it from as many different sources as you can as they all provide you with different nutrients, so I've been drinking mine in the morning when I don't have time for a big nutritious breakfast, and in the afternoons when I've been tempted to reach for a snack in between lunch and dinner. It's important to remember that these drinks shouldn't replace meals, they should accompany them!

Overall I found these to be a really tasty dairy drink (the strawberry being my favourite) which allows me to tick off having a healthy amount of protein in my diet on days where I know I won't get it from my meals, whilst also contributing to my calcium intake. I've still yet to try the Mango and Passionfruit flavour as my local Tesco only had the other two, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled. They can be found at Tesco, Holland & Barrett, Ocado and many more stockists, you can find your nearest one here

Have you heard of Upbeat before? 


13 September 2014

Beauty | Top 5 A/W Lipsticks Under £20

I love the sense of change that comes with a new season,  from lifestyle changes to wardrobe overhauls and complete update of makeup bags. Aside from the fact that I change up the type of foundation I wear, one thing in particular that springs to mind for me as a big change is the lip colours that I wear - in the summer for some reason I stray from dark reds and extremely bold colours and just think they're much better suited to the colder months. Saying that, there are a few on here (number 4 especially) which I think works well for both, especially since the Kylie Jenner lip trend has hit. I've chosen these 5 as some choices which don't break the bank (too much!). I've swatched all the shades above on white paper and on my arm for reference. 

29 July 2014

I Want To Try... | Wishlist 1

This is the first of the 'Wishlist' posts that I've decided I'm going to do on a monthly basis, which are going to include things that I'd like to try (and probably don't need) but haven't got around to yet. All the different bits will range from makeup, fashion, skincare and lifestyle so I think there will always be a good variety, and I will be posting about them in more detail if/when I buy them to let you know what my thoughts were. 

1.  Daniel Sandler | Watercolour Fluid Blusher - I've only heard good things about this and it's always been an intriguing product to me. It's said to look extremely natural and blends into cheeks with ease. I'm currently loving cream blushes but I still really want to try this as it seems like nothing I've ever used before.
2.  Elemis | Papaya Enzyme Peel - I've never actually used a peeling mask before, I was always far too scared to risk it irritating my sensitive skin. Now that my skin has calmed down and the teenage skin days are (hopefully) in the past, it seems to be a lot more forgiving of different products and Elemis seems to be one that I can trust. This Papaya enzyme peel is said to be great for those with sensitive skin who haven't really used anything like this before, and I really want to try it as my mum loves peeling masks similar to this one and I can always tell it makes such a difference to her skin. 
3.  Grafea | Pink & white leather backpack - This one is probably the most random, but aside from the inevitable oversized school bags that were definitely always bigger than myself, I've never actually owned a backpack, and I don't really know why because I think they look really cool. This one may be a bit pricey but when it comes to bags, unless they are casual bags that I buy to just have on an everyday basis, I see them as an investment that I can use for a long time. Plus look at just how pretty it is.
4.  Jouer Cosmetics | Matte Moisture Tint - I am a sucker for trying everything on the hunt for the perfect base, wether or not the perfect base exists is another question, but until then this matte moisture tint is on the list as a light base which mattifies but doesn't hide the natural dewiness of the skin - especially tempting in this hot weather! 
5.  Kevin Aucoin | The Sculpting Powder - I've read countless reviews praising this sculpting powder and I'm questioning wether I'm the only person that hasn't actually tried this, but I guess I've always owned a sculpting powder/bronzer that I've been happy with so I never really thought I needed to try it. I've now come to the end of my current one so I thought it was the perfect time to do so and maybe I'll have a new favourite! 
6.  Brow Wiz | Anastasia Beverly Hills - I'm pretty sure I don't really need to explain this one because it's pretty much what every other beauty blogger is talking/raving about and have been for a while. I have pretty unruly brows and they are pretty much the bane of my mornings so I really have no reason not to try it out! 

Okay now I'll get off Cult Beauty and actually post this. Do you guys have any of these on your wishlists? and if you have wishlists of your own then do link me to them below! 


26 January 2014

Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick | Guest Post by Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

I have such an amazing guest post for you guys today from  Charlotte of Makeup By Candlelight.  If you haven't been over to her blog, then you are seriously missing out on some amazing posts, Charlotte has reviewed so many beauty treasures I can't even count! As well as this, she throws in some lovely lifestyle and fashion bits too which I know you would all love. It is genuinely one of my favourite blogs that I check out every day, because there is always something new. Over to you Charlotte! 

If there's one product that can dramatically change your look from casual to elegant or from girly to vampy - it's a lipstick! Every time I browse the beauty counters, it's without fail a lipstick that draws me in since I'm always on the hunt for that perfect peach or pink, and I'm always happy to make room for a new addition to my lipstick collection. When The Body Shop launched their The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick* range (£10) last autumn with an amazing 26 different shades to choose from, I was in lipstick heaven and after a severe attack of shopping catatonia I did eventually manage to decide which shade to get and I ended up with the delicious 205 Passionate Pink.


16 December 2013

GUEST REVIEW | Mellor & Russell Hand Cream

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to quickly introduce you to the lovely Jess who will be writing todays guest review. You can head over and check out her regular lifestyle and beauty bits right here, but not until you've read the lovely post below!

Hi! I’m Jess, I blog over at Just Jess, and today the lovely Saida has kindly allowed me to write a guest post for her blog! I hope you enjoy reading my review, and do pop on over and say hi if you’d like to see more of my beauty and lifestyle posts. For now, though, I’ll get on with reviewing this Mellor & Russell Macadamia Oil Repairing Hand & Nail Cream!
I picked this little tube up in Poundland, believe it or not, drawn in by the Macadamia Oil. On closer inspection, it’s actually a pretty nice handcream as far as ingredients go, with none of the petroleum and paraben-based nasties which for me can actually result in even drier skin – and all for the bargain price of £1!

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