18 January 2015

Lifestyle | Best Fitness Channels

Can you believe how quickly January is going by? It seems like a yesterday we were all setting out our goals and resolutions for the year, many of which consisted of getting down to the gym or generally getting fit. How are all your fitness resolutions going? I hope you guys have been sticking with it the best that you can and don't give up if you've had days when you've found it more difficult than others - it's much easier to keep going with it if you approach it in little steps rather than throwing yourself in at the deep end. It's the way I approached it last year and now I look forward to going to the gym and trying out different classes, it feels much better to stick with something than feel guilty for not doing so. Of course you don't need a gym membership to get fit and even if you do have a membership there might be days where you don't want to leave the house so with these handy links bookmarked you'll have no excuse! You can do it in the comfort of your own living room, and unlike the gym you can choose to blast out music to your hearts desire (nothing like a bit of Shake It Off to get you motivated). So for those of you that would prefer home workouts, I thought I'd put together my top five channels that you can work out to without spending a penny - get those mats out! 

1. Yoga With Adriene - This channel is great for anyone who loves yoga, and whether you know your stuff, want to use it to lose weight or are just wanting to start out, there will be something for you here or on the website to help you connect with your body. The videos are super easy to follow and I find myself wanting to go back to them over and over again - especially on days when I somehow don't manage to make it to the 8 o'clock yoga class...oops!

2. Blogilates - This is a channel that most people seem to have heard of if they do workouts online, and there is even a website with recipes and other fitness ideas to help you out. If anyone can motivate you from inside a computer screen, it's Cassey. She actually makes you feel like you can do it and not want to give up halfway through which is amazing considering some of them are killer! They range from all body workouts to targeting your abs, arms, you name it - she's probably done it. A great channel that I find myself going to when I want to do a quick workout or if I need some routine inspiration to take to the gym with me. 

3. Fitness Blender - I really like the way this channel has full length workout videos that can actually count for an entire session, as some channels can consist of smaller workouts that you can put together with others - with this one it's all there in the video you click on. On the website there are always ways to make it customisable and tailor workouts and even meal plans to suit your needs and targets, and you can track your progress too. Daniel and Kelli are for sure an inspirational pair!

4. Pop Sugar - This one consists of slightly more random videos, rather than the others where you can expect full routines and workout plans, this one is where you'll most likely find things like 'bikini body' workouts or '5 minute blasts' for those who don't have time on their side. It's also good for tips relating to eating habits and generally more lifestyle related.

5. Be Fit - Lastly is this absolute gem which out of all of them, reminds me a lot of the kind of workouts I do in my gym classes. It has a bit of everything, from yoga to strength training to working out with weights and it features different people so it's good for those of you who like to change things up regularly, if on the other hand you want to become comfortable with the same person and consistent methods, then 1-3 are more up your alley.

I hope this post has helped you guys find some useful new tools for your fitness journey and do let me know what your targets are/what you're hoping to achieve this year -I'd love to know how it's going. Speak to you soon! 

1 January 2015

Lifestyle | Hopes for 2015

I prefer the term hopes rather than resolutions because resolutions seem to be associated with things that people want to just change as soon as the new year begins and most of the time things don't quite work out like that (as nice as that would be!). When it comes to hopes, they're things that are pretty much always with me, some are things that I've noticed in the past year, others are things that I've been wanting to improve on gradually for years and they're very much still with me. I'm grateful for the past year and of course everything that happens is relative to each of us, no-one's life is always good and we deal with the bad things in our own way, but sometimes seeing what can happen in the world reminds me of how lucky I am for everything in my life. Things may get mushy up in here, but I know you love it.

28 December 2014

Fashion | Winter Nightwear

I don't know about you but this time of year is the time I live for sitting around in pyjama's, I'll get home and definitely don't linger around before changing into something cosy, especially if Netflix is on my radar. I know I don't really need that many different pieces just for lounging around or sleeping in but they're all so pretty and different that I end up developing a slight obsession, especially if I'm browsing around M&S. I thought I'd select a few of my winter nightwear faves for you, some are in the sale which is a bonus! 

Let me know if you have any of them, and where your favourite place to shop for nightwear is! 

5 December 2014

Fashion | Christmas Jumpers

Christmas jumpers are definitely fun, no matter how crazy they are because let's face it, no-one wears them to win any fashion awards! I think they're more fun now than when I was younger because back then they were purely known as the jumpers my grandparents knitted for me to die of embarrassment, but of course you could never let them know that so had to wear it anyway  - if only we didn't care what people thought back then! I've browsed around for some of the best (and worst...) for both ladies and gents! 

5. Penguin Heart Jumper  |  6. Filthy Animal Quote Jumper (for fellow Home Alone fans) 

Some of them are really cute and some are very, very questionable haha. 
Which one is your favourite?

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28 November 2014

Home | Chantel Martin Candles


Christmas is fast approaching, and I couldn't be more excited. It's definitely my favourite time of year because it brings back so many memories of being at home with my family, especially now that I'm at uni and away most of the time.  There is nothing better at this time of year than lighting some candles and sitting under a cosy blanket with a tasty mug of hot chocolate - it's what reminds me most of my childhood and makes me very happy indeed!

You'll find endless christmassy scents in shops at the moment, but I like to save those until late December, and stick with random scents up until then - just lighting them is so relaxing!  I was so excited when the lovely owners of Chantel Martin asked to collaborate with me and send me some of their scents to try out, and I couldn't say no because I know how much you guys love a good candle too. I thought it was really cool to try out some different candles because I've always just seemed to opt for Yankee Candles and never really looked elsewhere. Saying that, although the Yankee Candles smelled great, the fact they always produced so much smoke and pretty much turned the jars black never really impressed me all that much, so I was really hoping the Chantel Martin candles would impress me more on that end.

They kindly offered to send me one each of the Luxury, Contemporary and Medium style candles in my chosen scents and I opted for Whitewood, Vanilla & Patchouli, White Musk and Hot Apple Pie (...had to choose something for christmas time!). As well as those, they generously sent me the votives of all the other scents so that I could sample those too. They arrived individually wrapped and in perfect condition, and I felt like an excited child unwrapping and smelling each one! I know a lot of people have quite a specific type of scent that they enjoy, whether it's zesty scents or sweet scents, but luckily I seem to be quite open to most scents unless they are sickly sweet. Chantel Martin offers scents that range from Fresh Lemon and Sweet Strawberry to White Musk and Cranberry.

All of the candles that I've tried had very distinct scents when cold, and after burning them the scent became even more vivid and filled the room. Back to the smoke factor; I followed the instructions that come with the candles to ensure the best burn, and was so pleasantly surprised by how minimal the amount of smoke produced was and that the jars didn't completely turn black like they have with other brands which meant they only really looked pretty on first use. I also burned some of the votives all the way through and there was very little wax left at the bottom so barely anything was wasted. I had two favourites in particular which I thought made my room smell absolutely amazing, the first of which was the Whitewood Vanilla & Patchouli candle, which was so refreshing and the perfect amount of sweet without becoming sickly like a lot of candles out there can be - this one has a certain je ne sais quoi to it.  The second was Hot Apple Pie, which even after the first time I smelled it cold, I could tell it was going to be one of the best - it's just such a lovely cinnamon-y, spicy scent and I know I'm saving burning the rest for when I'm sitting around the fireplace at christmas time. I'm rather excited to introduce my mum to it when I go back home because she loves a good candle! 

If you are a fan of very fresh clean scents then I would recommend scents such as Fresh Lemon, Baby Powder and Clean Cotton. For those that love very sweet scents; Strawberry, Bubblegum and Luscious Vanilla will be more your kind of thing. I do love the presentation of the candles and think they are the really simplistic - I'm not really a fan of over the top packaging myself and just think it looks much nicer this way, they are looking super cute on my windowsill at the moment. The collection ranges from £2.50 to £19.99 so I think there really is something for everyone in terms of price and scent and I highly recommend trying them out to see what your favourites are - if you try Hot Apple Pie, let me know if you like it as much as I do!

I hope one person in particular doesn't read this post because I know what I'll be putting in her stocking this year - I'm pretty sure she burns a different candle every day! I'd love to know what your favourite candles are and what you think of these!

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25 August 2014

This Week | 18

Other than the amazing meet-up in Covent Garden with a lovely bunch of bloggers, this week was one of those weeks where I didn't have much planned and I basically just did whatever I felt like doing each day, which was pretty perfect. 
- I have been trying to eat well each morning and I think this week I did quite well at it, as tempting as pancakes and french toast are, I've tried to stick to lots of fresh fruit this week, usually with yoghurt or wholegrain, or in the form of breakfast smoothies. On days where I wanted something more savoury;  poached eggs with avocado or smoked salmon were this weeks faves. 

- As I am back at uni very soon, I've been trying to spend as much time with my family in London as I can, especially with my youngest sister as it's crazy how fast she's growing up and I just love taking her out and spoiling her while I can. I took her to the cutest little treat boutique called 'Drink Me, Eat Me' which had lots of cupcakes, fresh pastries, customisable frozen yoghurt, and as many vintage and pastel decorations as you could possibly think of, from the teacups to the chairs we sat on. After that we went home and did some arts and crafts, which I used to love doing as a child so it's nice to get to share something like that with her, regardless of how basic (or some may say nonexistent) my artistic skills are. 

- Another thing I've been doing is making dinner for everybody and trying to learn new recipes from my mum. I'm a complete foodie who has far too much fun going through recipe books so I'm definitely in my element whenever I learn to make a new dish. 

- This week I felt like I have spent quite a bit of time waiting for packages to arrive, as I'd ordered a few things in the previous weeks where I've had no time to do any shopping, so this week was fun receiving them all - still waiting for an Asos one though! 

- As I had quite a bit of time to myself, I had a day where I just felt like wandering around and just having some general me time, listening to music and not thinking about what time it was or what I had to get done. I think spending time like that once in a while is really important. 

What did you get up to last week? Let me know in the comments below! 


16 June 2014

My Birthday Week

Last week I turned the big 2-0 and I really had such a lovely day and week, once I got over the little matter of no longer being a teenager that is (I think we've all been there!). The day before my birthday I had my hair and nails done as an early birthday treat, and although nervous as I've never really changed my hair colour before, I was really happy with the end result! I then went on a night out with my friends from uni which never fails to be a great time.

On my actual birthday I had a really relaxed day, eating far too much cake and opening lots of lovely presents which I'm extremely grateful for, followed by dinner at possibly the nicest Indian restaurant I've been to in a long time called Lala's - both because of the decor and the really tasty food. 

Later in the week I went home to London as it was my sister's birthday a few days after mine, and kept myself occupied on the train with my iPod and 'Half the sky' which is an amazing book that I would recommend to anyone. We ordered the tastiest cakes from Patisserie Valerie, which never fail to impress - I love that they're not too sugary or covered in icing. I then went on a very girly shopping spree with my sister which was great because uni means we don't get to do it often (regardless of the slightly awkward moment in Urban Outfitters when a girl thought I worked there and asked me if she could try on some clothes). We then went for lunch in Abingdon which has two of the nicest places to have lunch in my opinion, they both do sandwiches and juices that are to die for! To finish off the week I went for dinner with my family, it was so lovely to see everyone again and it makes me really excited to go back properly for summer.


12 January 2014

This Week | 17

This week - Spending the last week at home before I headed off to uni on Saturday afternoon, the christmas break seriously flew by ridiculously quickly and I'm definitely going to miss the comfort of being home  //  Finally bought the coat from warehouse that I had been lusting over for a solid month, the fur lining is the cosiest thing in the world  //  Receiving a really fun belated christmas present, you may not know but I have a serious obsession with Nutella, so they bought me a recipe book which is shaped like a Nutella jar, so I shall be doing a lot of baking  //  Trying to eat relatively healthily and snacking on some small chocolatey biscuit fingers whenever my sweet tooth came calling, so delicious and stops me from grabbing an entire chocolate bar. 

Beauty product of the week - Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon, I love it in the colour Fuschia Libre, as it is such a beautiful pop of pink and looks really girly and youthful.

Quote of the Week - ''I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth. Then I ask myself the same question.''  -  Harun Yahya

What did you get up to this week?

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5 January 2014

This Week | 16


12 December 2013


1. Christmas pudding doorstop - £4.99  2Cherry blossom candle 6.98 
3Santa stop here sign £1.99     4Black shoe tree decoration £2.50    5. Gold glittery owl £2   

A few christmassy finishing touches to add some sparkle and cheer to your home!


25 November 2013

Sweet Snaps | 2

Hey guys!

Welcome to the sweet snaps challenge - a blog linkup which is all about getting you guys to take more photos and be creative. All you have to do is create a Sweet Snaps challenge post and enter your photos, then link up over on this blog! The first sweet snaps link up is now over and I have looked through and enjoyed all of the photos and looking into the thought and meaning behind them. 

Megan of Lazy Thoughts - I adore the way she has captured the hustle and bustle of oxford street and I can't wait to go back home and see it for myself. Thanks so much for taking part Megan!

If you want to be in the running to get featured next week, then link up your sweet snaps photography post below to show off what you've captured!

A little help...
1)  Link up your blog post, not your blog URL, so it is easier for people to flick through your chosen photo. 
2)  Grab the button on the sidebar to put on your blog, or just mention at the end of your posts that you are part of this link up! As I've said before, the more people that join in, the better it will be as more people can discover each other!
3) It's great fun looking through everyone's photographs, so browse to your hearts desire by clicking around on the link ups. 
4) Last but not least, just have fun with it!


24 November 2013

This Week | 12

This week - As expected with this freezing weather, I managed to go and get quite ill but then I broke a personal record by recovering in one day, and I didn't even have to go near any lemsip // Booking tickets to go home for christmas, eeeek //  'What do you want for christmas this year?' Is it just me or does it get harder to know what you want the older we get? 10 years ago I probably would have had a list ready // Little bit of christmas shopping, we all know by little bit I actually mean a lot but what can a girl do - the intention was there.

This week on the blog - Sweet Snaps | 1 // Italian Dining // Holding Life Still // 

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29 September 2013

This Week | 4

This weekend is the last before I start uni, which is a slightly scary prospect because unlike last year, this year actually counts towards my degree.  Blogging and writing for you guys has been keeping me so productive over the summer and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

This week - Buying my sister's presents for her birthday, she has been wanting them for a while and it makes me very happy to know that I will be the one to give it to her as a present // Receiving an email from one of my lovely blog followers, asking me for advice on how to improve their blog // Booking my tickets to visit home next weekend, will be lovely seeing everyone again as well as celebrating my sister's birthday // Cooking my own Lunch and Dinner from scratch most days this week,  I picked up so many new recipes and it is so much better for you than throwing something in the oven // Call me weird, but I find shopping for stationary quite fun, and I found the prettiest little notepads for my lectures.

This week on the blog - Brighton // Room Tour // Get involved - T.O.I | 6

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27 September 2013

Room Tour

Just thought I would share a few small details from my new room with you as promised. 

Rose scented candle.  
My dvd's, books, and the coconut that I won at Fresher's fair which I was way too proud of. 

31 August 2013

Summer is coming to an end... back to uni I go!

After three long months of being at home, it looks like summer is drawing to an end. This time last year I was definitely the most scared and anxious that I'd ever been before, because I was on my way to Uni and didn't know what to expect. During the 3 and a half hour trip in the car with my parents (squashed in amongst duvets, pillows and other things that I probably never used), I had somehow managed to convince myself into thinking that I would end up calling them to come and pick me up again the next day. Luckily for me, when I got there it stopped seeming so daunting, the place was lovely and I realised that everyone was in the same position as I was, and I quickly began to feel at home (So if you're worried about starting Uni this year, don't panic, you will be fine!). 

I have to say as much fun as this summer has been, it's coming to that point where I want to return to Uni. If like me, you're lucky enough to end up with a group of lovely flatmates, there will always be something to do. I don't think I have ever laughed as much in my life as I did in the past year whilst I was at uni (I put it down to things like waking up to my flatmates racing on hoovers down the corridor, or setting up forts outside your door so its literally impossible to leave your room!). I do miss home, but I know that its never long until I go back. Although for many students, spaghetti 3 times a week just isn't the same as mum's food!  

Speaking of spaghetti, how adorable is this photo?!
Image sourced from Google Images.
My train tickets are booked. Will you be going to uni this year, if so how do you feel about it? Let me know in the comments below!   
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