26 September 2014

Fashion | Zara Brand Focus

Zara, Zara, Zara. Where do I begin, I just love everything about it. I love the coats, the bags, the shirts, I even love the perfume (which my mum borrowed and then 'forgot' to give back so I had to buy another, although I don't blame her) and it's rare that I go shopping and don't pop in. It dawned on me that I've yet to post a brand focus on it - so here it is. When I was putting this post together I was multi-tasking between a photo editor and the Zara shopping basket, because I decided that I need some of them as a matter of urgency. How cute are those bags though. I think it's a great place for neutral and monochrome pieces, which is what I always associate it with in my head and I've included plenty of above, but also some great casual bits like numbers 1 & 2 which aren't usually the first thing that would pop into my head when I imagine their clothing. The chunky knits have the coming winter written all over them and are perfect for layering, as well as number 4 which is a coat that just looks like a thick cardigan in disguise, love. I also enjoyed that they've incorporated really simple light dresses that you would usually see in summer. Number 8 in particular has such a gorgeous shape to it and the cutest pocket detailing - I think it's definitely one of those versatile dresses that you can dress up, down or even wear to work. 

What's your favourite of the bunch? 

22 September 2014

Fashion | Ring Favourites Featuring Pia Jewellery

I love rings, I feel weird when I go out without them, my hands feel naked almost. I haven't always liked them as much because my hands have pretty much always resembled those of a 10 year old (my friends take every opportunity to point out how small they are, according to them it never gets old but I beg to differ) so it was always hard for me to find rings that didn't look like they were too chunky on me, and I ended up just not bothering for ages. A while ago I was given the tiny vintage gold ring above by my mum which I absolutely fell in love with and I never ever take off (if you're on my Instagram you'll know it's always on my hand!) and since then I've just been enjoying wearing rings much more and mixing and matching them together - they've quickly become my favourite way to accessorise! 

I've been planning to do a post on some new rings that I've purchased, and show you guys which ones I've been loving recently, so when Pia Jewellery asked me to team up with them and check out some of their rings to add to my recent picks, I thought it was perfect timing! I already owned quite a lot of gold rings, I'm not really sure how because when it comes to other jewellery I always stick to silver, so I thought I'd change them up a little and chose some silver rings to add to my collection. The silver plait ring that's in the pictures above is also vintage so unfortunately you won't be able to buy it but I have seen some really similar ones out there!

Starting off with the gold rings, the little infinity midi ring is from Accessorize, I love that it's really simple as I'm not a fan of statement midi rings and think that should be kept to normal rings - but that's just me! I used to own a really pretty pearl ring from Accessorize which was one of my all time favourites but I lost it (wanted to cry, woe is me.) so I have to repurchase.

From Topshop I picked up a set of three including the eye ring, the bell ring and a moon ring which I gave to my sister as she loved it so I wasn't able to include it in the post. They're the first rings I've bought from Topshop as I usually only ever go in there for clothes and shoes and haven't ventured into their jewellery section, but they're actually really nice and look so delicate and I'm glad I picked them up. I highly recommend the Orelia collection in particular, it was just my thing when it comes to jewellery!

From Pia headed over to the silver rings page and I chose the Lapis Wave ring which is sterling silver with a lapis stone - I'm really loving it as it adds such a nice pop of colour in a really subtle way and the shape of it makes it completely different to anything I've owned before. The second ring from Pia is again, sterling silver, with an Aventurine Cabochon stone, I think this one is my favourite of the lot - the stone is much larger than the Lapis ring but the oval cut and the colour makes it really subtle and I've worn it pretty much every day since I got it.

I'm so glad Pia got in touch with me because I hadn't come across them before and it has quickly become somewhere that I have already managed to add far too many items to the basket, I have my eye on this and these in particular, sometimes I think I don't have enough fingers to accommodate how many rings I want to wear. There are so many gorgeous and high quality pieces which range from the more affordable to the expensive end of the spectrum, and if you're like me, you'll have far too much fun scrolling through them all.

What are your favourite rings? and what do you think of my picks?


29 July 2014

I Want To Try... | Wishlist 1

This is the first of the 'Wishlist' posts that I've decided I'm going to do on a monthly basis, which are going to include things that I'd like to try (and probably don't need) but haven't got around to yet. All the different bits will range from makeup, fashion, skincare and lifestyle so I think there will always be a good variety, and I will be posting about them in more detail if/when I buy them to let you know what my thoughts were. 

1.  Daniel Sandler | Watercolour Fluid Blusher - I've only heard good things about this and it's always been an intriguing product to me. It's said to look extremely natural and blends into cheeks with ease. I'm currently loving cream blushes but I still really want to try this as it seems like nothing I've ever used before.
2.  Elemis | Papaya Enzyme Peel - I've never actually used a peeling mask before, I was always far too scared to risk it irritating my sensitive skin. Now that my skin has calmed down and the teenage skin days are (hopefully) in the past, it seems to be a lot more forgiving of different products and Elemis seems to be one that I can trust. This Papaya enzyme peel is said to be great for those with sensitive skin who haven't really used anything like this before, and I really want to try it as my mum loves peeling masks similar to this one and I can always tell it makes such a difference to her skin. 
3.  Grafea | Pink & white leather backpack - This one is probably the most random, but aside from the inevitable oversized school bags that were definitely always bigger than myself, I've never actually owned a backpack, and I don't really know why because I think they look really cool. This one may be a bit pricey but when it comes to bags, unless they are casual bags that I buy to just have on an everyday basis, I see them as an investment that I can use for a long time. Plus look at just how pretty it is.
4.  Jouer Cosmetics | Matte Moisture Tint - I am a sucker for trying everything on the hunt for the perfect base, wether or not the perfect base exists is another question, but until then this matte moisture tint is on the list as a light base which mattifies but doesn't hide the natural dewiness of the skin - especially tempting in this hot weather! 
5.  Kevin Aucoin | The Sculpting Powder - I've read countless reviews praising this sculpting powder and I'm questioning wether I'm the only person that hasn't actually tried this, but I guess I've always owned a sculpting powder/bronzer that I've been happy with so I never really thought I needed to try it. I've now come to the end of my current one so I thought it was the perfect time to do so and maybe I'll have a new favourite! 
6.  Brow Wiz | Anastasia Beverly Hills - I'm pretty sure I don't really need to explain this one because it's pretty much what every other beauty blogger is talking/raving about and have been for a while. I have pretty unruly brows and they are pretty much the bane of my mornings so I really have no reason not to try it out! 

Okay now I'll get off Cult Beauty and actually post this. Do you guys have any of these on your wishlists? and if you have wishlists of your own then do link me to them below! 


26 January 2014

Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick | Guest Post by Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

I have such an amazing guest post for you guys today from  Charlotte of Makeup By Candlelight.  If you haven't been over to her blog, then you are seriously missing out on some amazing posts, Charlotte has reviewed so many beauty treasures I can't even count! As well as this, she throws in some lovely lifestyle and fashion bits too which I know you would all love. It is genuinely one of my favourite blogs that I check out every day, because there is always something new. Over to you Charlotte! 

If there's one product that can dramatically change your look from casual to elegant or from girly to vampy - it's a lipstick! Every time I browse the beauty counters, it's without fail a lipstick that draws me in since I'm always on the hunt for that perfect peach or pink, and I'm always happy to make room for a new addition to my lipstick collection. When The Body Shop launched their The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick* range (£10) last autumn with an amazing 26 different shades to choose from, I was in lipstick heaven and after a severe attack of shopping catatonia I did eventually manage to decide which shade to get and I ended up with the delicious 205 Passionate Pink.

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