25 August 2014

This Week | 18

Other than the amazing meet-up in Covent Garden with a lovely bunch of bloggers, this week was one of those weeks where I didn't have much planned and I basically just did whatever I felt like doing each day, which was pretty perfect. 
- I have been trying to eat well each morning and I think this week I did quite well at it, as tempting as pancakes and french toast are, I've tried to stick to lots of fresh fruit this week, usually with yoghurt or wholegrain, or in the form of breakfast smoothies. On days where I wanted something more savoury;  poached eggs with avocado or smoked salmon were this weeks faves. 

- As I am back at uni very soon, I've been trying to spend as much time with my family in London as I can, especially with my youngest sister as it's crazy how fast she's growing up and I just love taking her out and spoiling her while I can. I took her to the cutest little treat boutique called 'Drink Me, Eat Me' which had lots of cupcakes, fresh pastries, customisable frozen yoghurt, and as many vintage and pastel decorations as you could possibly think of, from the teacups to the chairs we sat on. After that we went home and did some arts and crafts, which I used to love doing as a child so it's nice to get to share something like that with her, regardless of how basic (or some may say nonexistent) my artistic skills are. 

- Another thing I've been doing is making dinner for everybody and trying to learn new recipes from my mum. I'm a complete foodie who has far too much fun going through recipe books so I'm definitely in my element whenever I learn to make a new dish. 

- This week I felt like I have spent quite a bit of time waiting for packages to arrive, as I'd ordered a few things in the previous weeks where I've had no time to do any shopping, so this week was fun receiving them all - still waiting for an Asos one though! 

- As I had quite a bit of time to myself, I had a day where I just felt like wandering around and just having some general me time, listening to music and not thinking about what time it was or what I had to get done. I think spending time like that once in a while is really important. 

What did you get up to last week? Let me know in the comments below! 


4 July 2014

My New go-to Bag

Bags are probably the one item that I can't walk away from if I spot them in a shop because I somehow manage to convince myself that it's what is missing from my wardrobe...every time, and that probably explains why I have way too many. I don't think I've ever actually gone on a shopping spree with the intention of buying bags, they usually distract me and take the place of what I'm actually supposed to be buying. I usually say to myself that I'll hold it until I finish in the shop and decide at the end whether I'll buy it or not, but let's face it, I'm not kidding anyone with that one. 

As you can tell, it happened again, and it has now become my new favourite bag. Most of my bags are either black or quite colourful, and as much as black goes with everything, I prefer lighter colours in the summer. As for colourful bags, you have to make sure the clothes you're going to wear don't clash with the bag, which can be a pain in the backside when you're in a rush. Enter this super light-grey/cream beauty (or 'light mole' as it says on the site), that I think goes with pretty much everything and still allows me to maintain a really airy and bright look in the summer.  I'm a sucker for clean and simplistic pieces so you can probably see why I fell completely in love with this one, and at £34.99, I couldn't say no. 

The bag itself is really sturdy and holds it's shape no matter how much you put inside, even some of the pricier bags I own that are made with thinner materials, bend and flop around to one side when they don't have much in them, I noticed it with my Longchamp bag in particular, so I was really happy with this one as it is a fraction of the price. There are two handles at the top for those who are happy to wear it as a handbag, but there is also a detachable shoulder strap for those who prefer it. At either side of the bag there are press-studs which can allow you to make the bag that little bit bigger if you have more to carry - a bit like the extra zip on a suitcase, it makes a massive difference in terms of space! I've been quite busy since I've come back to London from uni, often having to go from one place to another so putting everything I need in this bag has been really practical, without looking too big or bulky. I loved the light grey but the bag also comes in black, light blue and other colours - as far as I know not all stores have every colour so I was lucky to find the one I wanted. 

Check it out here along with the other colours, and let me know if you've bought anything recently that's become your new favourite item! 

6 October 2013

This Week | 5

This week - On my journey to london I had the most amazing view of the sunset, I always love travelling around that time // Eating a lot of cake, aside from the amazing spread that my mum and dad had laid out, I definitely outdone myself with the cake consumption (#sorrynotsorry) // The real techniques brushes were finally delivered after a long wait, cannot wait to get using these babies // Went on a little trip to Westfield and bought a lovely new top from Wallis which you can take a peek at here.

This week on the blog - Autumn Love // Be Grateful - T.O.I | 7

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25 August 2013

Lyon, France

Lyon was truly a lovely place to visit, so quaint and full of culture. The small coffee shops and tiny narrow roads triggered memories of when I first fell in love with France as a young child. The amazing food was not to be forgotten either, it is safe to say that I had never eaten as many croissants as I did that week. (Definitely don't regret eating them either.)
View of the Basilique de Fourvière from below 
These two photo's were taken in a little crafts shop which made tiny versions of different things. The white house on the left was made entirely out of little sticks, and the detail was amazing. On the right was a tiny little room, where one of the chairs was smaller than my little finger, once again the detail was so beautiful considering their minute size. 
Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste 
Inside the Basilique de Fourvière
So in order to get here, I had to get in a tram from the centre of lyon which went uphill at what seemed like a 90 degree angle, and that is not me exaggerating! Have to say Ive never had a more thrilling journey to a church before haha!
I love narrow roads.
Have you visited Lyon before? If so what did you think of it?

20 August 2013


So I'm back from a lovely summer abroad, which consisted of taking my camera everywhere I went. As a nature lover, being surrounded by water and mountains for 3 weeks was amazing!

I took this photo whilst in a moving car, after asking my dad to stop and realising that there was a queue of cars behind us! luckily it came out clear enough to show just how blue the sky and the water were, creating such a beautiful blend.

Driving past these mountains was truly mesmerising, not just due to their great size, but the beautiful colours really created a breathtaking view. Could not miss out on a photo here! 
These photos were taken in a really beautiful little place, which contained a water source where the water shoots up from the ground (as opposed to coming from a mountain etc), and provides enough water to keep a huge river flowing. At the source the water is turquoise, and never blends in with the colour of the rest of the water. Such an interesting place to visit!
 I love capturing clouds, because they are different every time!
Always leave your mark in the world
Spending time at the beach meant that my fascination with sea's and oceans continued to grow. I love photographing them because I picture all the different forms of life which their enormity carries, and it never ceases to amaze me that the deepest parts of the oceans are too far out of our reach to be able to observe. Sometimes just thinking about the immensity of it all is enough to scare me. I hope your summer has been as lovely as mine, and that you enjoyed the photos.

Do you have photos of your summer on your blog? Leave me a link, I'd love to see them.
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