9 October 2016


It already feels like ages since we were there but I thought I'd give you guys a sneak peek and some tips from our city break to Gdansk last month, somewhere I'd never considered before but I'm so glad we visited because it is the cutest little place. Have to give Em the credit for recommending it to me and convincing me to book it!

The Hotel

We stayed at the Puro Hotel which was the perfect combination of modern and cosy, and it honestly had everything you could ever need in a city break hotel. In Gdansk there is a main street in the old town where all the restaurants are based and this hotel was tucked away just on the other side of the bridge, meaning it was away from the noise but literally a 30 second walk to everything so you could quickly pop back if you needed anything. We got a taxi from the airport which was about 60 Zloty (15ish pounds) and 20 minutes away from the centre, so definitely worth it rather than having to work out trains etc as soon as you land!

Everything in the room was controlled using this tablet, so you could change the lighting, temperature and even order room service without moving an inch! 

Exploring + Where To Eat

Walking up and down the main street in the Old Town, we couldn't help but fall in love with the patterned pastel buildings, each one prettier than the last. Countless restaurants lined the streets and you would honestly not run out of places to eat here even if you stayed for a month, there was so much choice and for a complete foodie like me, it was pretty much heaven! 
This ice-cream is also a must, they sell it at a few kiosks through the old town and you won't miss them. This one was actually a small!
Definitely head to the top of Gdansk town hall because the views are so pretty, and the ticket to the top includes access to the little museum there too! 

This little spot was called Lookier and was on the main strip of restaurants, definitely recommend for breakfast/lunch - the club sandwich was soooo good. Another spot where you can get a really good breakfast is Barylka which is along the river before you enter the main strip. For dinner, you'll want to try the dumplings at Familia Bistro because they were actually amazing, I'd say three each is the perfect portion - I don't actually have any photos because I suck and forgot my camera etc but you can check out the website here!
The Ice-Cream Cafe is one that you won't want to miss either, they had pretty much any flavour you could want and we both have a major sweet tooth so couldn't resist!

On the second day, we went for breakfast and the headed to the train station to get to the seaside town of Sopot about 15 minutes away. Although it was busy with tourists etc, it didn't feel crowded at all and somehow felt really peaceful and safe, which is weird considering I usually have to be somewhere for a while before I can feel that way! Look out for the waffle houses because they were so darn good and I obviously got all the whipped cream and Nutella in the world as well. Sad times that I can't have one right now to be honest.
We were craving all the carbs so we went to La Vita for an Italian lunch, which was part of the main square as you head away from the pier/beach. The pasta here was incredible and I proved once again that when I'm on holiday I eat for about 3 people. After lunch, go for a walk along the main street and look out for the wonky house!

As part of our third day there, we headed to the Stutthof Concentration Camp museum, which was one of those things that was always going to be pretty eye opening and hard to get your head around, but most definitely worth a visit because actually being there and seeing everything was so surreal. If you're in Gdansk for 3/4 days, do consider going because it's only about an hour away and really easy to get to by coach/bus which drops you right outside the museum. Entrance is free and you only have to pay a small fee to watch the short film in the cinema before going around. For obvious reasons I didn't take any photos so you can check out the website here.

I'm so glad I visited and got to see a tiny glimpse of what a city break in Poland is like, because I never really had a clue. I'd considered Krakow or Warsaw, but obviously because the weather was so lovely I preferred the idea of somewhere by the sea - I can't even imagine how cute it would be to go here at Christmas with all the markets etc as well! 

Have you travelled to Poland before? I'd love to know where in the world you'd like to visit next!
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