4 April 2015

Fashion | Spring Ready Wardrobe Wishlist

asos stripe vintage playsuit
asos blue peter pan collar coat
topshop lace playsuit chunky heels
asos shift dress black
70's camel suede shift dress tunic
kimono blouse blue asos
skirt tuille orange asos

I've been so busy lately that I've barely had any time to go shopping like I usually do to try and update my wardrobe for the new season (the crap weather is probably not helping me get into the spring fashion mood either), but to make up for it I've been browsing online and a lot of the clothes I've been seeing have seriously taken my fancy, so I've put together some of my favourites for you. 

First up is the Asos Vintage Playsuit which as a stripe lover had me falling head over heels as it looks really cute and effortless, and on top of that it looks so comfortable too and can be worn super casual or easily dressed up with the right accessories if you wish. Next is the Asos Peter Pan Collar Coat (am I the only one that struggled to say that?) which might not seem like the most relevant item of clothing for spring, but I do live in England and when you live in England you can't really ever rule out a coat can you? This one is a really pretty shade of blue which makes it perfectly on trend for spring, at least much more so than the consistently black coats I've been sporting since September. I think the cut is really flattering and the peter pan collar is a lovely touch too!

To break up what seems to be quite an Asos heavy post, I'll pop some Topshop in here in the form of this Strappy Lace Playsuit and Chunky Platforms. Again, you can't really go wrong with a playsuit, this one is more suited to the evening than the stripy Asos one, and the lace detailing offers a little bit more than just a plain black playsuit. The only issue I could see with this is that it has the seam going across the middle which I've found can sometimes be a bit hit and miss depending on the person as if it's too high up/low down it just doesn't look right, you gotta just cross your fingers with that one. As for the shoes, they are just gorgeous aren't they? I don't have many colourful heels, and as much as this colour would be completely out of my comfort zone, the style is actually quite toned down and they definitely look wearable and comfortable, especially with the ankle straps going across for extra support. 

Could you sense I'd have more Asos coming up? This 60's Shift Dress is a nice twist on the usual LBD, not the brightest of options but let's face it, black is a staple all year round and it always will be! By adding the hole detailing in the middle along with the deep v-neckline, it offers something a little different and a bit more spring/summer friendly. Again this can be dressed up with the right heels, makeup and accessories or it can be worn super casual too. Next is this Suedette Tunic Dress in Camel, which you may have noticed is seriously a crowd favourite at the moment, and the colour and texture together really give off the 70's vibes which people seem to be loving. Even though it's a toned down colour and a super simple cut, it is definitely something which would be a statement piece in an outfit. This Cropped Kimono Blouse is a really simple and feminine piece which is perfect for days where you just want to throw some jeans on but still look like you've made some effort. The kimono style sleeves add a bit of something different to a regular shirt, and the lightweight material means it's good to go for spring and summer. 

Last but not least it's the Needle & Thread Tulle Maxi Skirt, which is something that I think looks absolutely stunning and I'm super envious of anyone that has bought it and pulls it off because I'm definitely unsure of whether I'd be able to (I guess that's what living in monochrome colours and skinny jeans 99% of the time does to someone!). This one is definitely the 'wish I had the confidence to wear' pick of the wishlist.

Do let me know what you guys think of these picks, and I hope you're having a lovely Easter weekend, I'm heading back home to London today which I'm super excited for and I'll be keeping you updated on the coming week - speak to you soon! 
*All images featured in this post belong to the corresponding website to which they are linked and are not my own.


8 February 2015

Fashion | Workout Wardrobe

I gave myself a bit of a break from buying new clothes because it's now got to the point where I have literally no more space to fit anything in. Then I somehow found a way out of that by shifting my focus online from normal clothes to gym gear - oops. But in all seriousness I do think that it's important to have some good gym gear so that you're able to carry out different exercises properly and feeling supported in the right areas if ya know what I mean. I've put together a bunch of different bits for you guys, ranging from high end to some more affordable pieces...

First up is the Nike Hoodie - I can't really go to the gym without having something cosy like this to throw on before and after in case it gets chilly, and in my opinion you can't get any better than a classic black one because it goes with anything as well. The Pro Gym Bra is also classic and simple, although it doesn't offer a huge amount of support, it's great for those looking for medium support in light/medium impact exercises and is also a racerback which I loveee. The Lucy leggings mainly caught my eye because they look so much cooler than every other black legging out there, but the high waist promises to keep everything tucked in and helps to increase core support for a body hugging fit. 

Next up were some pieces from Lulu Lemon, I enjoy pretty much everything they have to offer and they're definitely not the most affordable of the bunch, but the high quality definitely makes up for it. I have a pair of leggings from Lulu Lemon but haven't tried out any tops so I thought I'd include some in this post. The Free To Be bra caught my eye because of the back design - it is made for yoga so offers light support but I can just tell how much flexibility and room to breathe you would have with this. The second piece is a Tank which is an essential for me, I personally don't like exercising in just a sports bra so something like this to throw on top is perfect, loose fitting and designed to keep you as cool as a cucumber when you're feeling very hot and bothered.

The last three pieces are from H&M and are a lot more affordable than the others but do a great job regardless. My obsession with grey definitely managed to slip out with these picks, I'm a cheerful gal I promise. I've used the sports bra and it surprisingly offers pretty good support which I was pleased with, usually I find I have to go into the £25+ region to find something which supports the way it says it will. I thought the Seamless sports top looked great for when you want to go for a run or cycling etc, it's a good way to keep covered without having to layer up. Last but not least, the yoga tights - I think these sound really cool because they're pretty much like a normal legging but have an opening for the heels and anti-slip material for beneath your feet so you can get stretching without worrying about slipping everywhere, you'd be surprised how easy it is to do when you're a beginner! 

Let me know what you think of these pieces and how your gym sessions have been going! I've been doing a lot more Pilates than usual lately and seriously loving it. It's pretty great being able to feel yourself getting better at it with every session! 
Speak to you soon - 

28 December 2014

Fashion | Winter Nightwear

I don't know about you but this time of year is the time I live for sitting around in pyjama's, I'll get home and definitely don't linger around before changing into something cosy, especially if Netflix is on my radar. I know I don't really need that many different pieces just for lounging around or sleeping in but they're all so pretty and different that I end up developing a slight obsession, especially if I'm browsing around M&S. I thought I'd select a few of my winter nightwear faves for you, some are in the sale which is a bonus! 

Let me know if you have any of them, and where your favourite place to shop for nightwear is! 

5 December 2014

Fashion | Christmas Jumpers

Christmas jumpers are definitely fun, no matter how crazy they are because let's face it, no-one wears them to win any fashion awards! I think they're more fun now than when I was younger because back then they were purely known as the jumpers my grandparents knitted for me to die of embarrassment, but of course you could never let them know that so had to wear it anyway  - if only we didn't care what people thought back then! I've browsed around for some of the best (and worst...) for both ladies and gents! 

5. Penguin Heart Jumper  |  6. Filthy Animal Quote Jumper (for fellow Home Alone fans) 

Some of them are really cute and some are very, very questionable haha. 
Which one is your favourite?

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9 October 2014

Fashion | Purse Picks

River Island Purse Kate Spade Ted Baker New Look Fashion

I love a good purse, at the moment I have a plain black Harvey Nichols one which has served me well, and while it was very beautiful when I first started using it, we all know that after a while they do start to look a bit worn in - no matter how much I try to keep it under control and organised, by the end of a week it is always a complete mess. The only thing is that as much as I love the thought of buying a pretty new one, I am a hoarder and just get weirdly attached to things that I have for a long time so I hate throwing out the old ones (I will probably end up keeping it in my wardrobe 'just in case'...). Above are a few that I've had my eye on, like most of my posts I try to balance it out between affordable/more expensive pieces. I'm in love with the Ted Baker detailing, and pretty much anything from Kate Spade.

Which one do you like the look of?


26 September 2014

Fashion | Zara Brand Focus

Zara, Zara, Zara. Where do I begin, I just love everything about it. I love the coats, the bags, the shirts, I even love the perfume (which my mum borrowed and then 'forgot' to give back so I had to buy another, although I don't blame her) and it's rare that I go shopping and don't pop in. It dawned on me that I've yet to post a brand focus on it - so here it is. When I was putting this post together I was multi-tasking between a photo editor and the Zara shopping basket, because I decided that I need some of them as a matter of urgency. How cute are those bags though. I think it's a great place for neutral and monochrome pieces, which is what I always associate it with in my head and I've included plenty of above, but also some great casual bits like numbers 1 & 2 which aren't usually the first thing that would pop into my head when I imagine their clothing. The chunky knits have the coming winter written all over them and are perfect for layering, as well as number 4 which is a coat that just looks like a thick cardigan in disguise, love. I also enjoyed that they've incorporated really simple light dresses that you would usually see in summer. Number 8 in particular has such a gorgeous shape to it and the cutest pocket detailing - I think it's definitely one of those versatile dresses that you can dress up, down or even wear to work. 

What's your favourite of the bunch? 

22 September 2014

Fashion | Ring Favourites Featuring Pia Jewellery

I love rings, I feel weird when I go out without them, my hands feel naked almost. I haven't always liked them as much because my hands have pretty much always resembled those of a 10 year old (my friends take every opportunity to point out how small they are, according to them it never gets old but I beg to differ) so it was always hard for me to find rings that didn't look like they were too chunky on me, and I ended up just not bothering for ages. A while ago I was given the tiny vintage gold ring above by my mum which I absolutely fell in love with and I never ever take off (if you're on my Instagram you'll know it's always on my hand!) and since then I've just been enjoying wearing rings much more and mixing and matching them together - they've quickly become my favourite way to accessorise! 

I've been planning to do a post on some new rings that I've purchased, and show you guys which ones I've been loving recently, so when Pia Jewellery asked me to team up with them and check out some of their rings to add to my recent picks, I thought it was perfect timing! I already owned quite a lot of gold rings, I'm not really sure how because when it comes to other jewellery I always stick to silver, so I thought I'd change them up a little and chose some silver rings to add to my collection. The silver plait ring that's in the pictures above is also vintage so unfortunately you won't be able to buy it but I have seen some really similar ones out there!

Starting off with the gold rings, the little infinity midi ring is from Accessorize, I love that it's really simple as I'm not a fan of statement midi rings and think that should be kept to normal rings - but that's just me! I used to own a really pretty pearl ring from Accessorize which was one of my all time favourites but I lost it (wanted to cry, woe is me.) so I have to repurchase.

From Topshop I picked up a set of three including the eye ring, the bell ring and a moon ring which I gave to my sister as she loved it so I wasn't able to include it in the post. They're the first rings I've bought from Topshop as I usually only ever go in there for clothes and shoes and haven't ventured into their jewellery section, but they're actually really nice and look so delicate and I'm glad I picked them up. I highly recommend the Orelia collection in particular, it was just my thing when it comes to jewellery!

From Pia headed over to the silver rings page and I chose the Lapis Wave ring which is sterling silver with a lapis stone - I'm really loving it as it adds such a nice pop of colour in a really subtle way and the shape of it makes it completely different to anything I've owned before. The second ring from Pia is again, sterling silver, with an Aventurine Cabochon stone, I think this one is my favourite of the lot - the stone is much larger than the Lapis ring but the oval cut and the colour makes it really subtle and I've worn it pretty much every day since I got it.

I'm so glad Pia got in touch with me because I hadn't come across them before and it has quickly become somewhere that I have already managed to add far too many items to the basket, I have my eye on this and these in particular, sometimes I think I don't have enough fingers to accommodate how many rings I want to wear. There are so many gorgeous and high quality pieces which range from the more affordable to the expensive end of the spectrum, and if you're like me, you'll have far too much fun scrolling through them all.

What are your favourite rings? and what do you think of my picks?


17 September 2014


I recently reached a milestone of having blogged for a year, which may not seem like a lot but like most people,  I came into blogging not having a clue what to do or how to go about creating anything remotely interesting (I'm still not sure I've succeeded with the latter) and I definitely had no idea whether I would still be doing it a year on. How I've managed to come up with over a hundred posts I'll never know but you guys have been so supportive with comments and on social media, which has really kept me going so I have you to thank for that! I'm not the most creative person, I have artistic skills which are comparable to those of a turtle, and so to be able to be creative in my own way through a less obvious outlet such as blogging has been amazing.

As a thank you, I thought I'd give you guys a chance to win £40 to spend at Topshop! To enter, fill in the rafflecopter form below, this competition is only open to followers of my blog and any invalid entries will be removed from the draw. The giveaway is open internationally and will end on the 1st of November, to give you guys enough time to enter and it'll be the perfect time to pick up some winter bits!

Best of Luck x

22 August 2014

Missguided A/W 14 | My Top Picks

Missguided Autumn Winter Collection Clothing

A lot of brands are now releasing their Autumn/Winter collections and it's getting me very excited indeed. Not because I don't love summer and pastels and brights, but it's been quite a while since I've been able to shop for cosier clothes, layers and earthy tones. Not forgetting to keep in some must-have pieces for adding a pop of colour to a winter wardrobe. I'm the kind of person that could easily just live in black clothes and my wardrobe is generally quite monochrome anyway in the colder seasons but I know that it can get quite boring so I try to mix it up a little. 

The Missguided A/W collection seems to consist of the earthy tones, and monochrome pieces, but also maintains plenty of colour and boldly patterned pieces which I think makes for a smoother transition from summer into autumn/winter. That's probably a good thing in my case because usually all it takes is the one week of rain and cloud and I go from the brightest of colours to neutrals/darks. The same goes for makeup really, I was chatting to a few of you guys on twitter yesterday and we got far too excited about being able to wear darker lipsticks again, I mean you can wear them all year round if you wanted but I just feel they're better suited to what I wear in the colder months. Kate Moss 107 springs to mind and I am very excited...

I literally have no idea how I managed to start talking about lipstick. 

Let's wrap up the post that I'm actually supposed to be talking about! - I have chosen my 6 top picks as you can see above, all of which would make a welcome addition to my a/w wardrobe, what do you think of them?

Have you got your eye on anything from the new collection?

Disclaimer. All images featured in this post are copyright of http://missguided.co.uk and do not belong to me. 
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17 July 2014

Beach Inspiration 2 | The One-Piece

In part two of my beach inspiration series, I have decided to put together another collection of beachwear, this time in the form of one-pieces. As much as I love a good bikini (you can check out the bikini collection here), I can't help but always take a one-piece with me on holiday, they feel somewhat more comfortable and make me feel reassured that nothing is going to slip off anywhere. I tend to wear them on days where I know I'll either be swimming a lot or taking part in any activities that would require far too much movement to trust a bikini top with. Some people just outright prefer them to bikini's, and I don't blame them because they can look just as flattering, if not more. Much like my bikini post, I've picked out some more affordable pieces and some which are more expensive.

My favourite is number one, it's a really nice bold colour and the zip is such a cool added touch - what's yours? 

1. Red Zip bandeau swimsuit £28  | 2Gossard birds of paradise swimsuit £60  | 3. Black & White block swimsuit £30 | 4. Mara Hoffman print swimsuit £235 | 5. Scallop Navy swimsuit £36  | 6. The Orchid swimsuit, ISWAI Caggie Dunlop £45 

Hope you guys like the pieces I have chosen and although I said I have a favourite, I definitely wouldn't complain if I had each one in my suitcase because I think they all have something unique and pretty to them. Some of them do come in different colours as well so do have a click around to see if there's anything you like! 

4 July 2014

My New go-to Bag

Bags are probably the one item that I can't walk away from if I spot them in a shop because I somehow manage to convince myself that it's what is missing from my wardrobe...every time, and that probably explains why I have way too many. I don't think I've ever actually gone on a shopping spree with the intention of buying bags, they usually distract me and take the place of what I'm actually supposed to be buying. I usually say to myself that I'll hold it until I finish in the shop and decide at the end whether I'll buy it or not, but let's face it, I'm not kidding anyone with that one. 

As you can tell, it happened again, and it has now become my new favourite bag. Most of my bags are either black or quite colourful, and as much as black goes with everything, I prefer lighter colours in the summer. As for colourful bags, you have to make sure the clothes you're going to wear don't clash with the bag, which can be a pain in the backside when you're in a rush. Enter this super light-grey/cream beauty (or 'light mole' as it says on the site), that I think goes with pretty much everything and still allows me to maintain a really airy and bright look in the summer.  I'm a sucker for clean and simplistic pieces so you can probably see why I fell completely in love with this one, and at £34.99, I couldn't say no. 

The bag itself is really sturdy and holds it's shape no matter how much you put inside, even some of the pricier bags I own that are made with thinner materials, bend and flop around to one side when they don't have much in them, I noticed it with my Longchamp bag in particular, so I was really happy with this one as it is a fraction of the price. There are two handles at the top for those who are happy to wear it as a handbag, but there is also a detachable shoulder strap for those who prefer it. At either side of the bag there are press-studs which can allow you to make the bag that little bit bigger if you have more to carry - a bit like the extra zip on a suitcase, it makes a massive difference in terms of space! I've been quite busy since I've come back to London from uni, often having to go from one place to another so putting everything I need in this bag has been really practical, without looking too big or bulky. I loved the light grey but the bag also comes in black, light blue and other colours - as far as I know not all stores have every colour so I was lucky to find the one I wanted. 

Check it out here along with the other colours, and let me know if you've bought anything recently that's become your new favourite item! 

20 June 2014

Beach Inspiration 1 | Bikini's

It's that time of year when everyone starts to jet off on holiday, many of you headed to the beach armed with pretty bikini's that show off  your lovely bodies and make you stand out. I thought I'd put together a bunch of bikini's that I have found and love in the hope that it gives you guys some inspiration if you haven't bought yours yet, or are looking to add a few more to your collection. I have picked out some different shapes and colours, ranging from affordable to some pricier options - let me know which one is your favourite!

Tip - Shopping for bikini's for your particular body shape can be tricky, Figleaves have a handy tool which helps you shop the type of swimwear that suits you - Click here to have a look. 

Do let me know if you have a similar post or insp. board as I'd love to look at some more bikini's and beachwear ideas - apart from that, have a lovely weekend everyone! 

10 May 2014

Lymehouse Jewellery | Button Earrings

Today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about some lovely button earrings from Lymehouse Jewellery. I got talking to Jo who runs the company and hand-makes all of the earrings herself - click on her name to learn a little more about her! She gave me the opportunity to pick some earrings out to show you guys and I have to say it took me a while to decide because there were so many different styles and I couldn't decide between the red hearts or some spring pastel colours  - as you can see I went with the hearts! 

I'm not a big fan of big dangly earrings so in the past I have bought loads of studs but they've kinda just ended up in the bottom of my jewellery box because they're usually too small and aren't very noticeable so I just didn't bother with them anymore. When I tried on these hearts I loved how low-key they were but they still stood out in such a pretty way and added a nice touch - I think they're great even if you're not a big jewellery fan because there are some really casual styles available.

Another great thing about them is that the backs are made of titanium; a strong and hypoallergenic element, which is something I'm really happy with because I've had earrings in the past which have irritated my ears so much that I had to stay away from earrings altogether for a while. 

I've included some pictures of the different styles you can get to suit you and because they're handmade you can even ask Jo to make you a certain colour or shape. The earrings are all around the £4 mark which is amazing considering their quality and the range of styles so I will definitely be grabbing another pair for myself and for my sister who is slightly obsessed with earrings to say the least.

If you like the look of them then I've linked Jo's etsy shop above and let me know if you guys snap any up - I'd love to know which style you chose!

Disclosure: The product featured above was sent to me for reviewing purposes, as I feel it was an item of interest for my readers. I did not receive any other form of compensation for this post and the opinions expressed above are 100% honest and my own. Some of the photos included in this post are Copyright Lymehouse Jewellery.


16 January 2014

Brilliant Earth | Personality Style

Hey guys!  

I was recently contacted by Brilliant Earth, a fine jewellers which specialises in conflict free and ethically originated diamonds, in the hope to tackle harmful practise in the jewellery industry, you can read more on this brilliant story on their homepage. I was asked to create a board and was given several style personas to choose from, all including three pieces of jewellery. There were quite a few different styles ranging from 'blue jeans and t-shirt' kind of girl, to 'glamorous stilettos and glitter', but I thought 'Minimalistic, No-Nonsense, Elegant Style' reflected my personality in the best way. 

Here are the beautiful pieces from Brilliant Earth that went with my chosen style:

The jewellery used for this style were 18K White Gold Bar Pendant14K Rose Gold Moon Earrings, and White Gold Luna Ring. They are such beautiful pieces, and I'm so glad that I now know about a company that have such a positive movement.

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25 October 2013

Liz Earle Review

 Liz Earle cleanse and polish, Instant boost tonic and Skin repair moisturiser. I ordered the sample sizes from the Liz Earle website, and opted for the sample sizes because I didn't want to dive into full size prices without knowing if it was suitable for my extremely sensitive skin. 

30ml Cleanse and Polish + Muslin cloth - £5.50
The first thing I noticed about this cleanser is that it smells amazing due to the combination of chamomile, rosemary, cocoa butter and eucalyptus oil - this has yet to aggravate my sensitive skin. It is extremely creamy and non-drying and breaks down makeup amazingly. Followed by the muslin cloth (or any gentle face cloth - Primark has very inexpensive 100% cotton face cloths) dampened in hand-warm water, it removes everything so well. On no-makeup days I'd only do this once, but on makeup days I would remove with the muslin cloth and then cleanse again, just to make sure there's nothing left on the skin. The 30ml sample lasted me about a week, but because I got one for free, I had enough for just over 2 weeks! It would last even longer if you don't really wear makeup that often. Overall I really like this cleanser, it didn't irritate my sensitive skin at all, but If I could improve one thing, it would be the ability to remove waterproof mascara with more ease.

50ml Instant boost skin tonic - £5.50
This alcohol-free tonic was extremely soothing, and did not leave any stinging sensations like most toners tend to, so it is definitely one that is suitable for sensitive skin. I noticed that it made my skin feel quite plump and more radiant than before I put it on. Although quite floral, the scent is much less distinct than the cleanser, due to the ingredients such as aloe vera and cucumber having quite neutral scents. As nice as this was, I feel like I need something with a bit more oomph, which will improve my skin in the long term, so I will be looking into some exfoliating toners instead. (Will update you on these soon!). Overall, if your skin is in pretty good condition I think this may be all you need, but if like me your skin needs a little more support, then I think it might be a little too subtle for you. 

15ml Skin repair moisturiser - £7.50
I got this moisturiser in the normal/combination formula ( Light and Dry/Sensitive are also available). I found that it was quite rich in texture, but did not feel rich once applied to the skin in the sense that it was not at all greasy, and a little goes a long way - do not go overboard with the amount you apply! It smells amazing and sleeping with this on your face is very relaxing. It's gentle enough to be applied to the under-eye area as well, although I use a separate eye cream by Manuka Doctor. I do think this works well for combination skin, however if you are more on the oilier side and don't have as many dry areas, then I would suggest that you maybe opt for the light version. 

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