16 June 2014

My Birthday Week

Last week I turned the big 2-0 and I really had such a lovely day and week, once I got over the little matter of no longer being a teenager that is (I think we've all been there!). The day before my birthday I had my hair and nails done as an early birthday treat, and although nervous as I've never really changed my hair colour before, I was really happy with the end result! I then went on a night out with my friends from uni which never fails to be a great time.

On my actual birthday I had a really relaxed day, eating far too much cake and opening lots of lovely presents which I'm extremely grateful for, followed by dinner at possibly the nicest Indian restaurant I've been to in a long time called Lala's - both because of the decor and the really tasty food. 

Later in the week I went home to London as it was my sister's birthday a few days after mine, and kept myself occupied on the train with my iPod and 'Half the sky' which is an amazing book that I would recommend to anyone. We ordered the tastiest cakes from Patisserie Valerie, which never fail to impress - I love that they're not too sugary or covered in icing. I then went on a very girly shopping spree with my sister which was great because uni means we don't get to do it often (regardless of the slightly awkward moment in Urban Outfitters when a girl thought I worked there and asked me if she could try on some clothes). We then went for lunch in Abingdon which has two of the nicest places to have lunch in my opinion, they both do sandwiches and juices that are to die for! To finish off the week I went for dinner with my family, it was so lovely to see everyone again and it makes me really excited to go back properly for summer.


10 November 2013

This Week | 10

This week - I love me some baking, especially when chocolate is involved and I get to eat the finished product afterwards // Going on a night out with the flat and getting to wear a flowy dress which had me feeling all fancy pancy // Going to a november fair and bonfire on monday night.

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6 October 2013

This Week | 5

This week - On my journey to london I had the most amazing view of the sunset, I always love travelling around that time // Eating a lot of cake, aside from the amazing spread that my mum and dad had laid out, I definitely outdone myself with the cake consumption (#sorrynotsorry) // The real techniques brushes were finally delivered after a long wait, cannot wait to get using these babies // Went on a little trip to Westfield and bought a lovely new top from Wallis which you can take a peek at here.

This week on the blog - Autumn Love // Be Grateful - T.O.I | 7

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