18 October 2015

Autumnal Lipstick Picks

Usually when you hear lipstick and autumn in the same sentence, dark purples and burgundy's spring to mind (Rimmel Kate Moss 107 anyone?). That's usually the case for me too but for some reason lately I've been all about the neutral shades. Not quite nudes because I just don't suit the typical nude lipsticks on the market, they tend to create what looks like the dreaded 'foundation lips' on me, and you never want that. What I have been going for is a few lipsticks which appear quite effortless and have a 'my lips but better' look to them. I've been loving three in particular, and they all happen to be matte! I know they all look quite similar, and some people who aren't as crazy about makeup as we are will  wonder why on earth you need more than one - I'll try to convince you by the end of this post!

First up is Mac Mehr which I received a while back as a present and it really kicked off my love for this kind of lipstick, I honestly wonder what on earth I wore day to day before these. I had no idea this shade existed because at the time everyone had got caught up in the Kylie Jenner Whirl/Soar craze, so when I tried it on I fell in love with the colour, how pigmented it was and how true to colour it was to the actual bullet when applied (nothing worse than a lipstick that looks completely different on compared to the packaging). Of the three, I'd say this is definitely the most moisturising, while still keeping a matte-natural texture, however the only downside I'd say is that it is probably the least long-lasting of the three - it's more of a throw on if you're not going out for dinner kind of lipstick.
Next up is the Inglot Matte Lipstick in 410. This one has to be my favourite of the bunch (and probably one of my all time favourite lipsticks) - it's the one that I always panic about if I can't find it, and one that not many people have heard of at all. I'd say it shows up as the darkest on the lips, and has a completely matte finish. My favourite thing about this one is that it feels super lightweight with a completely opaque finish, and it lasts absolutely ages (even when food is involved, which if you know me, is always). I would say to make sure your lips are in good condition because of course matte/long-lasting lipsticks do usually enhance any sign of dryness and this one is suuuper matte. It doesn't have the typical lipstick smell either, it actually reminds me of a sweet that I used to have when I was younger, but can't put my finger on it for the life of me! 
Finally in the pretty gold packaging is the L'oreal Color Riche Lipstick Erotique 640, in a creamy matte finish. This one is pretty much in the middle of the other two, it's a touch darker and a bit more long lasting than the Mac, and a bit lighter in shade and slightly less long lasting than the Inglot. In terms of how moisturising and matte it is, this one is probably the perfect middle ground for those of you who don't want it to be completely matte, but don't want it to be too moisturising either. It glides on like a dream and I find it's really good for creating your ideal shape around your lips because it goes on in one even swipe.
So you see, they may all look the same, but they're really all quite different! Have I convinced you yet that I do actually need all three? haha. Let me know what you think of these picks, and if you've tried any. I'd also really love some recommendations from you guys because I'm always looking for more to add to the collection. 

Hope you've had a great weekend so far and speak to you soon! 

22 July 2015

Roger & Gallet Fleur De Figuier

After trying out the Fleur de Figuier range a couple of months ago and absolutely falling head over heels for the scent, I was so excited to be told that Roger & Gallet had released it in the form of their first ever Eau De Parfum £40.50 (it really is quite something and the bottle is pretty darn beautiful too).

I have quite a hefty collection of scents on my dressing table, and the one thing they have in common is that they're all pretty distinguishable from each other (that way there's always something to suit my mood!) so when I'm at counters I'm always on the lookout for scents which don't just smell like every other offering on the market. This one reminded me exactly of that; it's different and something that you would definitely remember amongst the bunch.
Described as a scent which transports you to the familiar and warm scents of a Mediterranean summer, this has quickly become my favourite scent for this time of year. Initially the fig notes give a release of sweet fruitiness, while the wood, patchouli and musk notes help to change the dimensions of the scent as you wear it throughout the day, giving it a deeper and richer character. These changes in the dimension of it are what make it different from the other products which I've tried from the range, and takes it to a whole new level. 

A small spritz of this will go a long way and will last you all day too. Not only does it have the bonus of not fading after a few hours but people will notice it and ask what you're wearing, which is always a pretty good feeling.

Though it is a brilliant summer scent, I can see myself loving this throughout autumn too (though I worry it won't last that long if my mum and sister have anything to do with it).

I'd love to know if you've tried this and if you love it as much as I do!
Hope you're having a great week so far and speak to you soon - 
*This post is not sponsored, the item was kindly sent to me but all opinions are honest and my own.


10 July 2015

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Blusher


21 June 2015

Skincare | The Ultimate SPF For Your Face

La Roche Posay have done it again and made me fall in love with yet another one of their products, this time a sun cream (and just in time for when I go on holiday too!). I've posted before about the Ultra light daily defence from Kiehls which I still think is great but this one has managed to knock it off the top spot for me. The Anthelios XL Ultra Light Fluid is also SPF 50 with UVA and UVB protection and somehow it's even lighter on the face than the Kiehls. I don't know how they've done it but I actually prefer the texture and the way it sinks in to most regular (and might I add pricier) moisturisers out there.

I've been using this everyday for a couple of weeks and the first thing for me which always makes or breaks my impression of a product is whether or not it irritates my skin or makes it any more oily/dry than usual. This sun cream didn't do any of those things and lived up to it's promise of being sensitive skin friendly, as well as sinking in really quickly so that I could apply my makeup over it straight away and it didn't slide right off. I haven't really been using moisturiser on top of this because I find it hydrating enough on it's own and I only really need extra moisturiser in the areas that are particularly dry.

As you can tell by the photo above, the formula is really thin and runny which helps it sink in super fast and I know nobody wants a thick layer of product in hot sunny weather. After blending it into my skin you can see that there is no residue or signs of grease/shine - it really leaves the skin looking natural with a hint of healthy dewiness so would be suitable for dry and oily skin types. One thing I would say is to store it upright because the thin formula can result in too much coming out once you take the lid off. Other than that minor point, this is my absolute holy grail suncream and I'm so glad I've found it because as I mentioned in my old post, I used to completely hate the thought of putting any type of suncream on my face and definitely didn't do it as much as I should have. Gotta love the progression of the skincare industry right?

You can get this from Boots which is where I usually buy La Roche Posay products, and it usually retails for £17 (pretty good considering that I'm getting through it such a little bit at a time) but I've just noticed while finding the link that it's currently on a pretty good offer! Pleaseee remember to use something to protect your skin, whether it's this or something else, it's not worth the risks considering it takes a few seconds of your day to ensure it.

Do let me know if you like the sound of this product, and what your favourite suncreams are to use -   Speak to you soon! 

14 June 2015

Beauty | Skincare Goodness from Monu

Hey guys! It has been a while since I last posted but it's definitely not for a lack of wanting to! A quick life catch up before I move onto the products - I've basically been super busy trying to figure out my life after uni (who knew it could be so stressful?!), planning my summer and generally making sure that the rest of this year is going to be a good'un. I'll be off to Barcelona in a few weeks which I'm so excited for and I'll obviously keep you updated with that on Twitter and Instagram

Onto the products, the lovely people over at Monu kindly sent me these products to try out after I fell in love with their primer and I was excited to be able to try out some more things. I think I'm quite addicted to trying out different skincare products and generally being on the hunt for products that will actually better my skin as it is a complete pain to look after. First up is the Nourishing Treatment Oil which has a non-greasy texture when applied onto the skin (I've always worried about that when it comes to face oils) and sinks in quickly. As this was also designed to have effects of anti ageing , my mum was keen to get involved and so we used it to see how we would both feel about it and get a better perspective on how it works for different age groups. I've found that my skin has been much more radiant compared to when I don't use an oil at all. I usually only use it at night but you can also use it before you apply makeup in the morning, and I tried it out to see whether it would affect the look of makeup or the lasting power and it didn't (and it didn't irritate my skin either!).  My mum found that the biggest difference for her was also the radiance that it gave her skin, reducing dullness and giving her a more youthful glow - she's been using it every morning and night since she first started and said that she can tell the difference if she misses it out a few days.

As well as the oil, we tried out the Active Collagen Eye Patches, which I was really intrigued about. They promise to calm the skin around the eyes, hydrate and firm to reduce the appearance of fine lines, or even just make the area appear brighter and more awake (much needed after long days at a computer and inevitable panda eyes am I right?). They were super easy to use, you peel them out of the packaging, apply to the under eye area, dab with a damp cloth until they become transparent and then leave them for the required time - I find the process of it quite relaxing and it gives you an extra reason to take some time out for yourself. After one application we both noticed that the area looked brighter and more awake, and my mum especially said she noticed a plumping effect on the fine lines around her eyes the more she used them. Of course these are not a necessity and it's not something that you absolutely need to have in your skincare kit, but they are great for special occasions or when you want to go the extra step to make your skin as a whole look great. I think my mum looks beautiful without any of these but I know how much more confidence we gain from our skin looking happy and healthy, so I'm glad they were a hit not only with me but with her too! 

Do let me know if you've used any Monu products before and what you thought of them. Hope you're having a great weekend so far and speak to you soon! 


25 April 2015

Beauty | La Roche-Posay, Vichy and Roger&Gallet Haul

After me going on about them at any given opportunity, you guys might be aware that La Roche Posay are one of my absolute favourite skincare brands, and I swear by their Toleriane range in particular. I usually use their original Tolieriane Ultra moisturiser because it completely hydrates my skin without feeling greasy or overpowering, sinks in super quickly and most importantly does not irritate my skin at all. I was very kindly offered the opportunity to try out some bits from their new range and I was definitely not disappointed!

The Toleriane Ultra Fluide is a thinner, silkier formula compared to the original which was definitely thicker in texture, making it perfect for right now as the weather is picking up. My skin feels hydrated instantly as well as for the rest of the day, and it absorbs into the skin almost instantly. It is amazing under foundation as I've found it helps it go on really smoothly but there is no residue to cause makeup to move around or not stay where you need it to - especially important when there are pesky breakouts to cover up. I've noticed that the moisturisers in this range have given my skin a feeling of being soothed and comfortable throughout the day and overnight which I haven't found with any other brand, so it's a big thumbs up from me with this one.

Another new addition is the Toleriane Ultra Eye Contour, which is the first eye product that I've tried from the brand. With eye creams I usually just want something that keeps the area soft, hydrated and non-irritated and this ticks all those boxes. I apply this morning and night all over the eye contour area and it makes the area around my eye look smoother and quite plump and like the moisturiser it absorbs really quickly - I've always found it annoying when I can feel that the eye cream is on so the lightweight refreshing texture of this was a big bonus. I always like to run my hands under cold water before I apply my moisturisers as I find it really lovely and cooling, especially around the eye area. When I went away for the weekend and forgot to pack this, I could definitely tell the difference and that my skin was missing it.

As well as the creams I got to try out some bits from Vichy and Roger & Gallet too. The Aqualia Thermal Power Serum from Vichy aims to reduce dehydration in the skin, make it appear plumper and more radiant using ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which we all know by now is great for our skin! Using the moisturiser on it's own was brilliant but putting this underneath as well seems to have made my skin absorb it even more and they've made a big difference to my skin - it's hard to describe how but it just looks and feels healthier. The product is dispensed in a perfect amount for the entire face and sinks in very quickly without any residue left over. Whenever I get red marks on my face they seemed to stick around forever, and I feel like this one has helped that process speed up a bit and I'm so happy to say these products have helped it go in the right direction!

Lastly are the two hand balms from Roger & Gallet. I got to try out the Blood Orange Bienfaits and Fleur de Figuier scents (the second is definitely my favourite, if you guys ever come across it, you need to smell it!). Not only do they smell amazing but they make my hands so soft for absolutely ages, and they are a mattifying texture which I'd never really come across before. There is nothing more annoying than moisturising your hands and not being able to pick anything up without getting the residue all over it, and that's not a problem with this one. The packaging is my favourite kind for hand creams, just a really thin no fuss tube to throw into your handbag. 

I've really enjoyed using all these products over the past month, and would recommend them to any of you guys - especially the Toleriane Ultra Fluide and Vichy Power Serum as they've made the biggest difference for me. Let me know what you think!

 Speak to you soon...


11 April 2015

Beauty | Yves Rocher Makeup

yves rocher makeup swatch review
Hey! I have a makeup post for you guys today - as you know I was a fan of the Yves Rocher skincare products from this earlier post  and I was super excited when I was given the opportunity to try out some of their makeup bits too! I hadn't come across Yves Rocher until I started blogging, so I wasn't too familiar with it, but as a major brand in France, I thought I'd try to pop into their Champs-Elysee store when I was in Paris. It was lovely to see the products I'd tried amongst the rest of their collections, and how busy it was with customers going in to pick up their favourites. It definitely made me feel a lot more familiarised with the brand, now onto the makeup! 
eyeshadow primer yves rocher
eyeshadow primer yves rocher
First up is the Fixing Eyelid Primer. Eyelid primers are an absolute must for me and something that I need to have in my makeup bag because I have very thin skin and blue tones around my eyes, and eyeshadows really don't pop if I don't have a base underneath. At first sight this appears extremely yellow/orange in tone but as soon as you smooth out the product it almost disappears and just leaves a lovely even base and colour to work with. On top of that, what I really loved was the fact it gave off a great amount of pigment without feeling like I'd just placed a brick on my eyelids, the Urban Decay eyeshadow primers for example felt extremely heavy and thick on my eyes. This product made the colours of my eyeshadow really pop and I applied them in the morning before a blog event and busy day in Central London, and they were still looking good when I got back in the evening - a definite winner. 
kajal intense eyeliner yves rocher makeup swatch
Eyelid Primer and Kajal Liner swatches.
kajal intense eyeliner yves rocher
Next up is the 100% Intense Kajal liner which is so so pigmented. Not many black liners actually create a black line in one easy swipe, but this one seriously made an impact with minimal effort required. It feels smooth and creamy and creates a super intense look, something like this would be perfect for a smokey eye look. It didn't smudge or bleed on me so I was pleasantly surprised when after a day it hadn't budged and I didn't in fact look like a panda, and after swatching it on my arm it was very hard to get off without makeup remover so I knew the lasting power was promising. The packaging is also really cool and unlike anything I've seen before, you simply twist it up like a lipstick and apply. 
volume length mascara yves rocher
volume length mascara yves rocher
The first thing I noticed about the Volume Vertige mascara was the brush and the way the packaging was dispensed. I mentioned in my last mascara review that I usually have to try and take off any excess product from the wand in order to actually get a good result, but with this there was absolutely no need as it leaves the perfect amount of product on the wand every time, and I didn't have to think twice about it before applying. In one coat you can see the difference it made to my lashes, mainly in volume but also in length and actually giving them some curl and definition without looking extremely fake or overdone. It's the kind of mascara that I don't need two coats of and it was super quick to apply without worrying about clumping. I've only been using it for a short while but I've received lots of compliments on it already!
makeup palette eyeshadow quad green yves rocher
makeup palette eyeshadow quad green yves rocher
makeup palette eyeshadow quad green yves rocher
Lastly is the Sumptuous Colour Eyeshadow Quad, I have the green quad but it comes in lots of other super pretty options. I was glad I got the chance to try out the green one because although it brings out the green in my eyes,  I don't really ever feel brave enough to reach for them in eyeshadow palettes because they look extremely bright and daunting. With this quad it was definitely not the case as the shades are really muted and earthy and work brilliantly together without me worrying about looking like a clown. You can apply this wet or dry but I found them so buttery and pigmented that I didn't think I needed to apply them wet. It is the perfect smokey eye quad with a pretty light grey shade, two lighter green options with a subtle shimmer but not at all daunting, and a darker matte green for the crease. I think it makes such a great alternative to the black smokey eye, especially with summer approaching. The packaging is gorgeous and just simple black and gold and it looks very pretty indeed alongside my other palettes. The brushes included aren't very good but that's the case with all brushes that come with quads so that didn't matter to me anyway as they worked brilliantly with the ones I already own. 

Overall these products have really impressed me, the palette in particular! Let me know what you think of them and if you'd like to try them out too! Have a lovely weekend and see you in my next post which will possibly be all about my trip to Paris - 

22 March 2015

Beauty | Battle of the Dry Shampoos

batiste colab dry shampoo boots herbal essences

Dry shampoo has to be one of the best inventions for hair, ever. It is a complete savior on busy days when you know you won't have enough time to wash your hair and make it look presentable (especially when it's as thick and frizz prone as mine!), and sometimes it can give your hair that little bit of hold and generally make it more manageable. I've tried quite a few different ones and I thought I'd keep my last few to review for you guys. I've tested them out on 3rd day hair (over different weeks) so I could make a fair judgement. The three I picked were the Batiste TropicalHerbal Essences Clearly Naked and Colab London. Make sure to let me know if you've tried them and what you thought too!

The Batiste dry shampoo is the first one I ever used, I'm not sure how long they'd been around before then but I was apparently living under a rock before I picked this up. I'm always so impressed at how quickly this can make your hair look refreshed, you only need a tiny bit of this sprayed into your hair to make a big difference. The tropical version smells amazing and it's definitely my favourite from their range. The only downside to this is that it does leave white residue (not as big a problem for blondes!), but I don't mind it too much because it takes literally about 30 seconds to rub it in and brush it through until it's undetectable. I've tried the version for brunette hair but I didn't feel like it was as good. The actual container and nozzle make it super easy to disperse the product so a thumbs up for that too! The 200ml bottle costs £2,99 and it's on offer quite often.

Next up is Herbal Essences - first impressions of this was that it smells divine, I actually couldn't stop smelling my hair after I put this on. On the downside I found that after the first few uses this one required quite a bit more product to achieve the same results as the Batiste dry shampoo, and the container didn't seem to disperse the product as easily either. It is undetectable in the hair but even still I had to rub it in because of the way it sprayed out into such concentrated areas. I think if the container and nozzle on this were to be improved, it could be just as good as Batiste, if not better due to the fact it doesn't leave white residue. The 200ml bottle for this is also 2.99.

Lastly is the Colab dry shampoo. I found that this one achieved pretty much the same finish as the Batiste in terms of absorbing any excess oils and leaving hair looking refreshed, this time without a hint of colour. The nozzle is great and the product is released evenly throughout so that it doesn't require much brushing through at all. I did find though that it did take a little bit more product to get the same results as the Batiste, meaning it ran out a little quicker for me but I think the invisibility factor made up for this. The scent of the London version didn't really excite me but I'd like to try the fruity New York bottle next. This one is slightly pricier than the others at £3.49.

Overall I'd say I was least impressed with the Herbal Essences one, whereas the Batiste and Colab offerings both worked really well, I'd have to say they're just as good as each other, with the Colab maybe taking the edge for it's invisible formula. Let me know your thoughts below, and speak to you soon!

14 March 2015

Beauty | Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

maybelline lash sensational mascara reviewmaybelline lash sensational mascara reviewmaybelline lash sensational mascara before after

I've always been quite impressed with Maybelline mascaras, although for the past year I've been completely hooked on Lancome mascaras so it had been a while since I wandered down the aisles of Boots for a new find. The Lash Sensational mascara then came out just as I was running out and it looked quite promising (and it had pretty packaging too!) so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

As you can tell my lashes are tiny/non-existent without mascara (thanks to mama and papa C, but I'll let them off) so it's always one of those things that I need to put on whether I'm going for super natural makeup or a full look, the lashes need to be somewhat brought to life. My lashes vary so much in length, and a lot of mascaras that I've used don't pick up on the smaller ones, and only make the longer ones look even longer - the result isn't what I'd call ideal. So the idea behind this mascara was to capture all layers and give a multiplied lash look, and I have to say I was really happy with the result. 

The first thing I do before every time I apply mascara is take off the excess, either using the tube or some tissue. If I don't do this step, most mascaras look gloopy and quite horrible, and it's usually not the fault of the actual formula, it's just that there's too much of it on the wand. By doing this it gives off just the right amount of product and this mascara captures all lashes, even the pesky ones in the inner and outer corners! It goes on super thinly and gives a natural look, meaning you can put two layers on without it looking clumpy or over the top. The photo above is of me wearing just one layer, and you can see how fluttery and natural it looks, but how much it has lengthened and made a huge difference to the appearance of my lashes. The actual wand is really nice, not too soft and not at all harsh (nothing worse than a mascara wand that feels like it's attacking your lash line), it's just the right size and slight curve to it so it works with the natural shape of your lashes. I've never got any of this on my eyelid before either so that's quite the achievement for me as well.

Overall this mascara is a good one, and I'd highly recommend trying it out! It comes in at an affordable £7.99 compared to my usual mascaras, and Maybelline are also on 3 for 2 offer at Boots at the moment in case you wanna do some damage there. 

Let me know if you've used this or if you're thinking of trying it out!
Speak to you soon...

1 March 2015

Beauty | An MUA Lipstick Favourite

mua lipstick review superdrug boots persian plum mua lipstick review superdrug boots persian plum mua lipstick review superdrug boots persian plum
mua lipstick review superdrug boots persian plum swatches

Not only is this my absolute favourite lipstick from MUA but it has been one of my favourites out of all my lipsticks to wear for a while now. I actually picked this up a few days before halloween as I wanted a really great purple shade for the vampy look I was after, and after swatching about 15 in Boots and Superdrug, I finally found one that still looked just as purple when I swatched it, rather than ending up looking completely different from the colour on the bullet. I've posted photo's of me wearing this lipstick on Instagram here and here and you guys seemed to like it so I thought I'd do a review! 

Persian Plum is such a lovely deep purple shade which isn't too cool and I think it would work so well with a lot of skin tones. One thin layer creates a wearable everyday colour, and with two layers you get a much more dramatic matte finish that does not budge, (unless I'm really going for it with those donuts). I usually apply one layer, blot and repeat until I'm happy with the way it looks. The matte finish does mean it can come across as a little drying, but even in the harsh winter weather I haven't found it a problem at all, as I always moisturise my lips before applying it anyway. I usually can't even consider most matte lipsticks in this price range because they dry my lips out like nobody's business, but I can happily say that is not the case with this one. 

This one in particular is a Lip Switch Duo which comes with a lipgloss on the other end, I don't really use it that often as you guys know I much prefer a matte lip but on some evenings I have tried it out and I was happy to see that it was actually just as purple as the lipstick - pigmentation was not lacking with this one! Like a lot of lip-glosses it can seem a bit sticky but I guess that's just something you gotta put up with, and as I said I only really bought this for the lipstick so it's not much of an issue for me anyway! I couldn't be happier with this, not only because it was a purse-friendly £3, but I've found myself reaching for it much more than some of my high end lipsticks. Who'd have thought it eh? This has firmly made it's place into my drugstore favourites alongside Rimmel Kate Moss 107 and the Bourjois Rouge Velvets. 

Let me know what you think of this shade and if you have any drugstore favourite lipsticks too! 
Speak to you soon...

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