29 July 2014

I Want To Try... | Wishlist 1

This is the first of the 'Wishlist' posts that I've decided I'm going to do on a monthly basis, which are going to include things that I'd like to try (and probably don't need) but haven't got around to yet. All the different bits will range from makeup, fashion, skincare and lifestyle so I think there will always be a good variety, and I will be posting about them in more detail if/when I buy them to let you know what my thoughts were. 

1.  Daniel Sandler | Watercolour Fluid Blusher - I've only heard good things about this and it's always been an intriguing product to me. It's said to look extremely natural and blends into cheeks with ease. I'm currently loving cream blushes but I still really want to try this as it seems like nothing I've ever used before.
2.  Elemis | Papaya Enzyme Peel - I've never actually used a peeling mask before, I was always far too scared to risk it irritating my sensitive skin. Now that my skin has calmed down and the teenage skin days are (hopefully) in the past, it seems to be a lot more forgiving of different products and Elemis seems to be one that I can trust. This Papaya enzyme peel is said to be great for those with sensitive skin who haven't really used anything like this before, and I really want to try it as my mum loves peeling masks similar to this one and I can always tell it makes such a difference to her skin. 
3.  Grafea | Pink & white leather backpack - This one is probably the most random, but aside from the inevitable oversized school bags that were definitely always bigger than myself, I've never actually owned a backpack, and I don't really know why because I think they look really cool. This one may be a bit pricey but when it comes to bags, unless they are casual bags that I buy to just have on an everyday basis, I see them as an investment that I can use for a long time. Plus look at just how pretty it is.
4.  Jouer Cosmetics | Matte Moisture Tint - I am a sucker for trying everything on the hunt for the perfect base, wether or not the perfect base exists is another question, but until then this matte moisture tint is on the list as a light base which mattifies but doesn't hide the natural dewiness of the skin - especially tempting in this hot weather! 
5.  Kevin Aucoin | The Sculpting Powder - I've read countless reviews praising this sculpting powder and I'm questioning wether I'm the only person that hasn't actually tried this, but I guess I've always owned a sculpting powder/bronzer that I've been happy with so I never really thought I needed to try it. I've now come to the end of my current one so I thought it was the perfect time to do so and maybe I'll have a new favourite! 
6.  Brow Wiz | Anastasia Beverly Hills - I'm pretty sure I don't really need to explain this one because it's pretty much what every other beauty blogger is talking/raving about and have been for a while. I have pretty unruly brows and they are pretty much the bane of my mornings so I really have no reason not to try it out! 

Okay now I'll get off Cult Beauty and actually post this. Do you guys have any of these on your wishlists? and if you have wishlists of your own then do link me to them below! 


4 July 2014

My New go-to Bag

Bags are probably the one item that I can't walk away from if I spot them in a shop because I somehow manage to convince myself that it's what is missing from my wardrobe...every time, and that probably explains why I have way too many. I don't think I've ever actually gone on a shopping spree with the intention of buying bags, they usually distract me and take the place of what I'm actually supposed to be buying. I usually say to myself that I'll hold it until I finish in the shop and decide at the end whether I'll buy it or not, but let's face it, I'm not kidding anyone with that one. 

As you can tell, it happened again, and it has now become my new favourite bag. Most of my bags are either black or quite colourful, and as much as black goes with everything, I prefer lighter colours in the summer. As for colourful bags, you have to make sure the clothes you're going to wear don't clash with the bag, which can be a pain in the backside when you're in a rush. Enter this super light-grey/cream beauty (or 'light mole' as it says on the site), that I think goes with pretty much everything and still allows me to maintain a really airy and bright look in the summer.  I'm a sucker for clean and simplistic pieces so you can probably see why I fell completely in love with this one, and at £34.99, I couldn't say no. 

The bag itself is really sturdy and holds it's shape no matter how much you put inside, even some of the pricier bags I own that are made with thinner materials, bend and flop around to one side when they don't have much in them, I noticed it with my Longchamp bag in particular, so I was really happy with this one as it is a fraction of the price. There are two handles at the top for those who are happy to wear it as a handbag, but there is also a detachable shoulder strap for those who prefer it. At either side of the bag there are press-studs which can allow you to make the bag that little bit bigger if you have more to carry - a bit like the extra zip on a suitcase, it makes a massive difference in terms of space! I've been quite busy since I've come back to London from uni, often having to go from one place to another so putting everything I need in this bag has been really practical, without looking too big or bulky. I loved the light grey but the bag also comes in black, light blue and other colours - as far as I know not all stores have every colour so I was lucky to find the one I wanted. 

Check it out here along with the other colours, and let me know if you've bought anything recently that's become your new favourite item! 
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