31 August 2014


As you can tell this is not a post where I announce my love for foolish people, it's about my slightly over-the-top obsession with all the different kinds of designs that you can get on drinking mugs, and yes I do have a mug wish list because can you ever really have too many?! It's one of those obsessions that I don't really understand, like  stationary, I don't know why on earth I enjoy them so much, but I gotta have them anyway. I know so many people who are as obsessed with them as I am, so I thought I'd dedicate a post!

3 October 2013

Autumn love!

So autumn (or fall as you guys from the states say!) has well and truly arrived, I can definitely feel how much colder it has become! There are so many things about autumn that feel very nostalgic. It always reminds me of cosy times on the sofa with the family when it got very cold outside, and watching the fireworks from my balcony under a warm blanket. 

A few photos of things I love about autumn...

What do you guys love about Autumn? Let me know below.
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