18 July 2016

Summer Statement Pieces

It's quite a new thing for me, but lately I absolutely adore combining simple, monochrome pieces in my wardrobe with colourful prints. I've particularly been getting into skirts a lot more than I used to be, mainly because as I've gotten older I've started to wear things simply because I like them, rather than holding back because I'm too busy worrying about whether my legs are tanned or look too pale! Not to mention it also makes a change from the usual skinny jeans and t-shirt duo but really doesn't take any more effort.

Bag - New Look

Being on the hunt for colourful prints, I fell in love with the skirt straight away because it's such a statement piece without being overbearing, and the texture from the crochet also adds a really nice dimension which a lot of my other skirts don't have. I wanted to pair it with something much more stripped back - smarter than a vest, more casual than a shirt, so I thought this top was the perfect midpoint and has the flared sleeves and crossover back which are so on trend at the moment. I accompanied them with the coral bag which I thought would bring out the colours of the skirt nicely without causing any clashes, and the nude heels to keep the look suitable for day and night. All in all, I really love this outfit and I've worn it out a bunch of times since shooting it (I think I'm finally leaving my monochrome only safety zone!)

Do let me know what you think of this outfit from Joy, and what kind of colours you love wearing most in summer? Speak to you soon!
*This post was in collaboration with Joy, however is not a sponsored post.

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