6 June 2016

Farm Girl Cafe | Notting Hill

You guys have probably seen this photo and hundreds of others like it on social media because seriously can a coffee get any more photogenic? Farm girl cafe isn't lacking on the 'instagrammable' details and I was glad to find that their food and drinks tasted as good as they looked. 
First thing I'll say is to look out for this sign, because the cafe is a little tucked away and when me, Lauren and Ally were trying to find this place, we almost walked straight past it... keep 'em peeled!
With Farm Girl, they've tried to bring the Australian cafe culture over to London and we were immediately met with a really chilled atmosphere and ridiculously friendly staff (even though it took us about a year to decide what we wanted to eat because it all looked amazing!) 
The menu seemed super versatile to suit different people's dietary requirements, whether you eat meat, or go for the Dairy free, Gluten free or Vegan options. Regardless, it all has a very health conscious/superfood theme running throughout.
Me and Ally both opted for the Buckwheat Berry Pancakes which came with maple syrup, fresh berries and coconut shavings. They looked, smelled and tasted incredible... one of the guys also recommended that we take the coconut yoghurt to accompany it as well, and he wasn't wrong! I could so eat them again right now, but I'm sat here with a much less impressive bowl of cereal as I type this.
 Lauren went for one of the savoury options in the form of the Coconut BLT - I know right?! I'd never seen anything like it before and I didn't even know coconut bacon was a thing. The BLT also came with guacamole and homemade cashew cream alongside the usual trimmings. I had a sneaky bite because curiosity wouldn't have it any other way - really, really good!
For next time, I already know I have my eye on the Crab Cakes because they looked absolutely incredible (table next to us ordered pretty much everything so I obviously took note!)

What do you guys think? Have you eaten here before?
You can check out the full menu and website right here 

Have a great week and speak to you soon!
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