18 April 2016

The Perfect Throw-on Dress with H&M

I hadn't shopped in an actual shop in a while (so easy to be lazy online!) when I walked past H&M and spotted their colourful window displays that had spring wardrobe written all over them. Obviously I had to go in and see what there was to offer (can't let that all that window display work go to waste now can we...). 

Straight away I was hit with just how many items in the shop were this beautiful burnt orange colour, and after spotting some amazing pieces here and there that sadly wouldn't really suit my body shape, I finally came across this Trumpet Sleeve dress and just bought it there and then. I didn't even try it on because I was quite strapped for time so I was relieved that it fit pretty perfectly! It's the type of dress that I think would be flattering on anyone, and that's hard to find. 

It has such a striking colour that will grab anyone's attention, and beautiful lace detailing along the front, just above the waist and also across the sleeves too, which I thought were really lovely touches. The details as well as the flared shape of the sleeves means you can pretty much throw this on, pair it with your shoes and bag of choice - and go! It really doesn't need much accessorising at all. (The boots looks slightly killer but I've found them to be so comfortable beyond my expectations!) It's safe to say this dress has kick-started a little obsession with bright reds and oranges. 

Thanks so much to Ally for snapping the outfit - go and check her out right here, you won't regret it!

Dress - H&M
Boots - Truffle Collection at Asos (now in the sale!)
Bag - Old (Similar here)

Which colours have you been loving wearing lately? and what do you think of the dress?
Have a great week...
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