11 April 2016

Current Beauty Favourites: Avon + Only Fingers & Toes

Hey guys, hope you're all doing okay! I can't complain but won't lie to you, it would be a lot nicer if I wasn't knee deep in a masters thesis. That aside, everything isn't too shabby and my methods of procrastination mean I've got some pretty great products to show you from Avon and Only Fingers and Toes that I've been loving lately and popped into a quick post.

First up the Avon Ultra Color Bold lipstick in Magenta Flash - the name sums it up pretty well because it's definitely not a subtle shade, but it's oh so beautiful. It made me think 'I need that in my life' and 'would I ever be able to pull that off' all at once, and that goes for pretty much the entire collection. 

The formulation is incredible too - super creamy and moisturising and you can either choose to wear it opaque as it's so pigmented, or you can sheer it out too! Makes it great for if you want to just pop one into your bag and change it from a day to night shade.

The OFAT pair consists of the Fickle polish and an Extend clear coat which ensures the colour goes on smoothly afterwards and makes it last longer chip-free, I found mine last about 7-8 days which for a normal polish really isn't too bad at all!

When it comes to my nails, I can never just leave them as they are and I always feel like I need to keep them in good shape and neat at all times (and it's an excuse to feel pampered!). I usually get my nails done at a salon, but when I paint my own nails I like to steer very clear of darker colours because I'm not the most talented at it and darker colours definitely show it more.

Light, understated shades like Fickle suit my skintone and are much more forgiving in that sense! I always find this brush a dream to work with too and the formula doesn't take an absolute age to dry - I think two coats creates a perfect look with this one. I know a lot of people haven't heard of the brand but I absolutely love it so thought I'd share it with you guys too. I usually get it from Harvey Nichols and I'm pretty sure that's the only place where it is sold other than the actual Only Fingers and Toes website.

I'd love it if you left me any of your own bright lipstick recommendations below, and let me know what your favourite nail polish brands are too! 
Speak to you soon - 

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