25 April 2016

Avo-Toast Heaven | Angie's Little Food Shop, Chiswick

Hey guys! I've got a great new London foodie recommendation for you today, in the form of Angie's Little Food Shop in Chiswick (which is in west London if you're not familiar with the parts!).
For starters, the decor is ridiculously cute, I can only describe it as rustic meets pastel with a hint of scandinavian - because that's a thing. You can't walk past it without being intrigued about what they have to offer inside.
You're immediately hit with the smell of fresh coffee, juices and fragrant salads which are the first things you'll meet at the counter. I also noticed just how friendly and relaxed the vibe was in there, which is always a hit.
There's a mix of platters at the counter, and if I remember correctly they rotate different ones on different days meaning that you'll never be stuck for choice. Aside from the meaty platters, there are some seriously colourful veggie options available - all seasoned to perfection and the portions are pretty generous too (some of us have to eat enough for two apparantly...)
There are also pastries and delicious cakes up for grabs - which I definitely eyed up before I'd even stepped inside. Mini bundt cake anyone?

This time I opted for the avo-toast with smoked salmon, mainly because the lady next to me had it and it looked and smelled like I needed it in my life.

GUYS. It was so good. Honestly the creamiest avocado ever, perfectly seasoned and accompanied with crusty sourdough it was the best combo, if you're going to go for anything, make it this!
Bonus - it was so filling that I actually refrained from a cake. Yes me, refrained. You couldn't bet on it.
I really want to try some more of the salads next time I pop in, but I'm that person who has one thing and loves it and then never tries anything else. Only thing to it is just order two meals just to be on the safe side. One thing I know for sure is that I'll be coming here a lot, and dragging my friends with me!

What do you guys think? You can check out the menu right here if you like the look of it and do tag me in your tweets/instagram's if you ever post a visit!

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