16 March 2016

White Marble with Caseapp

I've had my eye on a marble case for my laptop for absolutely ages after coming across it constantly on Instagram and resembling the heart emoji eyes every time. Recently it seems every blogger and their cat has one (that or one for their phone!) - but that didn't stop me for going for this absolutely stunning white one from Caseapp.

They've kindly given me a discount code for you guys so you can get your hands on your own!

I love having my own blogging space and I'm a sucker for the clean and contemporary look, and details like this are the perfect finishing touches for that. The dream is a blogging office with marble and rose gold details, everywhere (right?!).

You can go for a case or a skin, but I opted for the skin because I'm super careful with my laptop anyway and didn't feel like it needed a protective case. It's easy to match up to your laptop and goes on super easily, I honestly thought I might make a complete mess of it but no air bubbles, woo! 

Unlike a lot of the other skins I've seen online, this one also has the cutout apple logo, so you will see it whether your laptop is on or not, and doesn't rely on your brightness to be super high for it to show through, which I thought was a definite plus!

What do you guys think? Let me know what type of style you'd go for!
If marble isn't up your street, you can go for any of their other styles - you can even design your own or make your own custom Iphone case.

You can get 20% off on the site with my code - M5JM53

Speak to you soon!
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