22 February 2016

Buckley London

When it comes to jewellery for me, it's a lot like shoes, I can never really have enough. I was recently given the chance to have a peek at the new collections from Buckley London and pick out a few bits that really resonated with my personal style, and it was definitely a toughie! It's a brand which I'd spotted here and there in places like House of Fraser, but one that I'll be paying a lot more attention to from now on.

I love the way the collections are named after some of the best parts of London; Primrose Hill, Chelsea and Shoreditch to name a few, but for me it was definitely the appropriately named Shard collection with it's beautifully cut designs which caught my eye. 
I think it was the fact that they were beautiful pieces but not super girly which appealed to me, with the smoky angled glass peaks really adding something I didn't yet have in my jewellery collection and straying away from either just gold or just silver details. The Shard Smokey Glass Earrings  are so stunning and they bring out one of my favourite things about all these pieces - the fact that they look different depending on the light that you're in - they can look super opaque in dark lighting and then a really beautiful, much more transparent look in the bright sunlight - I'm obsessed. 
The Shard Smokey Glass ring is again another piece which keeps the beautiful crystallised centre but maintains a contemporary look, and even though I usually opt for silver rings, this piece has kickstarted a bit of a gold ring obsession for me. It's the type of ring that is bold enough to wear completely on it's own, or stacked with some dainty rings to accompany it. I think it looks particularly great with darker nails! 
Similar in design to the ring, the Shard Smokey Glass Pendant  is honestly so beautiful, can we just take a moment?! It is the perfect length for me and is really versatile as you can wear it with all black outfits like I've shown here or with a simple white tee and jeans to take an outfit from plain to looking like you've actually made an effort. 
My favourite ways to wear them is to wear one piece separately or match the ring with the necklace, or the ring with the earrings as I'm not massively into wearing matching earrings and necklaces at the same time. Both my mum and my 17 year old sister have had their eye on the pieces and it's not often you find something which appeals to such an age range - Buckley London, you did good. 

Let me know what you think of the pieces, I'd really love to hear your thoughts - have a browse of the other collections and tell me which one is your personal favourite!

Speak to you soon and have a great week - 
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