28 December 2015

Muriel's Kitchen, Soho

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and have recovered from eating far too much because I'm about to hit you with a food post that will make you want even more (it is possible, I promise.)
This one comes in the form of Muriel's Kitchen, which at this time of year is an absolute festive haven. You might have heard or seen photo's of it here and there because it is pretty much a dream both in terms of the decor and the food. 
I popped into the Soho branch with Lauren and Jordan after a day of outfit shooting which definitely built up an appetite.
As soon as we stepped in we were hit by the twinkling bird cages, fairy lights and velvety soft chairs...
... but of course we couldn't resist the swing table, so pretty and the perfect spot by the window to watch fellow Londoners going about their hectic christmassy plans. 
It was time to decide what to eat (that's my 'I have no idea what to get but I'll play it cool' face) - just when I thought I'd made my mind up, something else popped up and in the end I had to let the waitress pick for me!
After lots of chatting and catching up the food finally arrived - I opted for a delicious homely lasagne which was pretty incredible, and the perfect comforting hot food for a rainy cold day. 
Jordan and Lauren opted for burgers and salads which also got the thumbs up! (Salad had never looked more appealing to me!)
Could this place get any cuter?
We hadn't realised how long we'd actually been in there and almost didn't get dessert because we all had to be somewhere afterwards but we just accepted that it was always going to happen - and it really was the cherry on top because not only did they taste insanely good, the portions were huge too and between the three of us we couldn't even finish two cakes - safe to say we overdid it a little!

Do let me know if you've visited/plan on visiting below - I couldn't recommend it enough even if it is just for a spot of tea and cake. I have a feeling you'll want to take photo's and recommend this place to friends and family the same way I did!

Hope you enjoy the next couple of days and wish you all of the good things for the New Year - see you in 2016!

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