23 December 2015

Cosy Winter Pit-stop At Hotel Chocolat

Wandering around your own city and exploring can be so fun, and especially at this time of year one of my favourite things about doing just that is knowing you have plenty of places to choose from when you get a bit peckish or just want something to warm you up! I will never get bored of popping into cafe's and spend an hour or two in good company, and not having to think about much else for a little while.
In good old British style, we decided to take that time out in the form of  a tea break, because in this country it's apparently all we ever do. We were tempted by Cafe Concerto, but I realised I already had enough cake to feed all of London the night before, so thought it would be best to pull myself together and walk past before I did it all over again. 
We then strolled past Hotel Chocolat, and for once it wasn't completely jam packed in there so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to pop in...
Once in there, it's pretty easy to see that it's got everything a chocolate lover could ever want, from small selection boxes, to truffles, berry and chocolate pieces to huge boxes of every type of combination you could imagine. You can probably picture how much fun I had picking out stocking fillers for some of my favourite people, and it almost ended up being a 'one for me, one for you' situation. 
Aside from all the smaller pieces and selection boxes, they have some seriously awesome advent calendars (which I'm gutted I didn't pick up), to huge hampers if you want to go all out on someone (or yourself) and can afford to blow that much money on chocolate goods!
I picked up a Peppermint & Chocolate tea, which sounds really odd and at first it tasted it too, but I'm all for trying out new things and it's definitely something I could get used to. I only ever really drink Peppermint or Matcha tea so it was fun to get some chocolate involved (when isn't it?!).
Let me know what your favourite cafe's are to take a pit-stop on busy day's and what you think of Hotel Chocolat. I'd love to hear from you below and speak to you soon...

P.s. after reading back on this post, I think I should probably point out that it isn't sponsored,  I just freaking love this place!

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