21 November 2015

Kensington Walks & My Old Dutch

Sometimes, laid back days are just the best (mainly because they're very rare). The ones where the biggest decision is deciding where to eat and which streets to wander around. Last week me and my boyfriend did just that and took to Kensington Gardens for a walk in the crisp autumn weather, where there was definitely not a shortage of crunchy leaves - I'm not the only one excited about that right?

Autumn in London is just my favourite season, and you only have to look at just how colourful everything becomes to see why. Not only that but you can pretty much throw anything on plus a coat and you're good to go, without worrying too much about being too hot like in summer or too cold (just yet).

I decided on an all High Street look, and kept it super comfy and casual. A black coat is a must because it goes with absolutely everything, though in my case that's usually just more black. This one is Topshop last season, but you can find a similar one right here. Green Jumper - H&M. Kiss-Lock Bag - Forever 21 and rings are a mix of vintage and a selection from this New Look pack.

After a wander around, we started to get peckish and walked along the high street to My Old Dutch, which thanks to Em is firmly my new obsession. I mean what's better than pancakes with possibly anything you could ever want on them? I usually go to the Holborn one but the Kensington one was just as great and had a smaller, more intimate atmosphere about it. 

My boyfriend had never tried them before so I set my sights on making him like it just as much as I do, and I think I succeeded. We couldn't decide on sweet or savoury so we just got both and shared (putting any 'Joey doesn't share food' emotions aside) and oh my goodness they were incredible. If you haven't tried this place then seriously go and give it a go! I can't believe I never had before a few months ago - such a game changer when you just fancy something a bit more fun.

Ankle Boots - H&M. Ripped Knee Jeans - Primark, though I do love the Topshop Leigh jeans too!

We then did our best to walk off the pancakes on the high street and had a browse through some shops - It's pretty great that he enjoys shopping just as much as I do, aka no boyfriend chair needed here (as long as we don't spend all the time in the Women's section, of course).

Let me know if you've visited My Old Dutch before, and do recommend me some more places to eat below - we all know it's pretty much all I do. Have a great weekend and speak to you soon!
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