26 September 2015

BonBon Chocolate Boutique

If you're ever in Manchester and craving copious amounts of chocolate, then the BonBon Chocolate Boutique is most definitely worth a visit. From freshly baked chocolate brownies, to flour-less chocolate cakes, this place has pretty much everything to satisfy a sweet tooth and is the perfect little stop off after a day of shopping.

It's not the biggest of places, but it doesn't need to be - I thought it was cute with lots of quirky touches from unusual lampshades to the books on the shelves and the wooden hot chocolate mugs.
Not only is the espresso-style hot chocolate pretty amazing on it's own (and made in a cauldron), you can add from a list of flavours too, from chocolate orange (which I opted for because chocolate orange anything is a no brainer) to salted caramel goodness. It's the type of hot chocolate which has a real kick to it, not sickeningly sweet and you can definitely tell it wasn't made from a sachet.
Aside from the hot chocolates and baked goods, there was also a selection of incredible looking handmade chocolates, as well as truffles and caramels from brands such as Booja Booja, which I was excited to see as I was already a big fan of their dairy free Ice Cream, and their truffles are pretty amazing too.

Do let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations of cute bakeries/sweet shops etc - I'd love to add them to my to-go-to list. Speak to you in the next post and have a great weekend!
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