18 July 2015

Evening Walks In Barcelona

After landing in Barcelona we started as we meant to go on, working our way through the quaint little streets and working out which way to turn next.
With heavy suitcases in tow and absolutely no idea where we were going, we managed to find our hotel in pretty good time considering we initially headed off in the complete opposite direction to it (I won't deny that citymapper also partly saved us), but I think getting lost in a new city is half the fun.
Our hotel was based on Via Laietana which was the perfect location for being close to the restaurants and bars, as well as the beachfront and a few steps from the metro.

Once we got to our hotel we had a few hours to kill before dinner so we got settled in first, put our clothes into the wardrobes (it was at this point I realised I may have brought far too many but hey, better safe than sorry) and generally tried to make it feel like our second home for the week. It also didn't take me long to become seriously envious that the size of my bathroom mirror at home did not even compare.

It didn't take us long to want to head out and explore, so we changed into something comfortable and made our way out.
Sunglasses - Chanel | Top - New Look | Shorts - Zara Old Collection/Similar Here  | Wedges - Castaner Old Collection / Similar Here | Satchel - Accessorize | Nails - Rita Ora Go Wild-er-ness
As a group of six, deciding on somewhere to eat that suited all of us should have been trickier than it was, but they all had so much to choose from and on the first night we opted for authentic Catalan dishes at Restaurant Sedna. 

I already raved about this over on Instagram but the seafood paella was actually out of this world good,  and all with a brilliant view of Port Vell too - all the recommendations from me. 
I could have walked along these streets for hours, all as narrow as each other but each with their own charm. 
You would never be able to tell how happy I was to be there - smiles all round!
After indulging in dessert, we walked it off along the marina (I say walk, I very much waddled from eating far too much) and then headed back to our hotel to rest before our first full day. Keep 'em peeled for the other posts! 

Have a great weekend,
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