30 July 2015

Photography day with Manfrotto

Photography is something that I'm constantly working on and something that I think can always improve. I'm completely obsessed with it and sometimes there's nothing more satisfying than taking a photo that you're really proud of. When Manfrotto invited me to go to a photography day with them, I was obviously super excited to go and pick up some tips and get my hands on some super cool gadgets.  I found it all really interesting so I thought I'd share some of it with you so that you guys can pick up on some new gadgets here to help with your photo's that you might not have come across before.
The penthouse of the Sanderson Hotel was an awesome location, as beautiful as you would expect it to be and the lighting was pretty much perfect too (fitting right?). The floor was split into different areas exploring different kinds of lights, lenses, tripods and different kinds of photography ranging from food to fashion.
The tripods themselves were quite something, allowing you to be so precise with where you wanted your camera to go, or putting your camera at an angle which would just not produce anywhere near as good a result if you were to take the photo handheld. There was also a Pixi tripod which is really small and portable for when you can't have a full size tripod with you. 
As well as these I spotted some Lumie LED lights which I thought would be perfect especially for blogging beauty products or food photography where you need a little bit of extra light on a small area. 
But as cool as the other things were, they didn't beat the Digital Director. You clip your ipad into it, connect it to your Canon/Nikon camera and then you can completely control the photo's or video's you take on the app. It's one of those things that would just be really cool to have, you can get really precise with your photo's and edit them on the spot without having to deal with your memory cards etc first. Obviously it's not cheap so it's not something everyone needs to have, but if you can afford it, I think it would be a pretty awesome investment.
After all the chats and wandering around there was time for some nibbles, macarons and mini burgers anyone?

It was a really lovely event, so different to any that I'd been to before which had mostly been fashion or beauty related so I found it really interesting, as well as the fact I got to see some lovely old faces and meet some new ones too. 

Hope you're having a lovely week so far and speak to you soon, 
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*This is not a sponsored post, I was only invited to the event and wanted to share it.
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