6 July 2015

Lifestyle | Amida Spa Day

Today's post is all about my trip to Amida Spa at Chelsea Harbour Club which was such a lovely, relaxing day. Set by the river thames, it is based in one of my favourite areas of London, with amazing riverside restaurants and one of my favourite areas to clear my head and go for a walk. 

Onto the spa itself, my first impression of it was that although there were quite a few people using the facilities and receiving treatments, the way it was set out meant that it did not feel crowded at all, and  like I had someone looking after me at all times should I have needed anything. The simple decor and lighting really gave it a cosy feel too - can't help but notice great interior after being glued to Pinterest right? The first part of the spa day was a full body massage which made me realise that I should have massages far more often than I do. My massage therapist was incredible and I may have (definitely) fallen asleep at one point. I felt about 10 times lighter after the massage and you really don't realise how much tension there is in your body until you have one. The therapist tailored the products she used on me to suit the rest of my day, and as I had to travel back to uni afterwards, she didn't want to make me sleepy for the entire day and opted for refreshing scents and oils which were absolutely beautiful. 

After the massage I went over to the wet spa, which included the swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool, sauna and heated relaxation beds. Unlike most pools/wet spa's I was lucky enough to be completely on my own for a little while which definitely added to the feeling of being completely relaxed and in my own little zone. The hydrotherapy pool was amazing and felt like another little massage in itself, but my favourite part had to be the heated relaxation beds which I could have spent hours on - it was pretty much like laying on a warm cloud and I think would be the perfect way to wind down after a gym or swim session. 
I had the loveliest time, and after being so busy with my dissertation and stressing over far too many things, it was a day that I definitely needed. I highly recommend the spa, even if it's just for the amazing massage and I will definitely be keeping it in mind when planning birthday presents/relaxing breaks for people. You can read all about them and the different types of treatments and spa days that they have to offer right here, beyond the ones that I've already spoken about. Let me know below about any spa day's that you've had recently!

Hope you guys have a lovely start to the week, and catch you in the next post!

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