10 July 2015

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Blusher

We've all come across makeup products that make us think 'whoah' because of how bold and daring they look in the pot, and wondering how anyone could pull them off. I often do this with eyeshadows and blushers in particular and this Laura Geller Baked Gelato blusher in Plumberry is just one example of it. It looks bright and scary and darker than the usual pink blusher in the pot which at first seems like it could never work but after trying it out I realised that it looks nowhere near as daunting as in the pot, and is completely wearable.

This blusher has become my everyday favourite (overtaking my old favourites from Nars and The Body Shop), and is completely customisable to suit the rest of your makeup look. I've found that even though it is quite dark in appearance, the effect that it gives is actually far more natural and rosy than some of the bubblegum pink/orangey blushers that I've previously tried. I can take a tiny bit of this just to add the most subtle hint of colour when I'm going for a brighter lip and don't want the two to clash, or I can pop a little bit more on when everything else is quite toned down. I've found that my favourite way to wear it is with nude/earthy eyeshadows, no liner and a neutral lip colour (like in most of the looks I post on Instagram), and it really makes the cheeks pop for a healthy flushed look.  Something that I love about this shade in particular which isn't the case with a lot of blushers, is that I think it would suit most skin tones, whether you are completely fair or have deeper tones - it's just a really great plummy pink and I am in love with it! 

Laura Geller packaging is awesome anyway but the packaging of this one in particular is what first drew me in. As part of the Baked Gelato collection it's very much the type of product that you don't want to dip your brush into because they're so so pretty. As well as the huge range of blushers, there are also bronzers and even highlighters which are all very tempting indeed and would be well suited to any pinterest-worthy dressing tables.

I'd love to know if you've tried any of these products before, or if you have any recommendations from Laura Geller in general for me. Have a great weekend and speak to you soon!

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