14 June 2015

Beauty | Skincare Goodness from Monu

Hey guys! It has been a while since I last posted but it's definitely not for a lack of wanting to! A quick life catch up before I move onto the products - I've basically been super busy trying to figure out my life after uni (who knew it could be so stressful?!), planning my summer and generally making sure that the rest of this year is going to be a good'un. I'll be off to Barcelona in a few weeks which I'm so excited for and I'll obviously keep you updated with that on Twitter and Instagram

Onto the products, the lovely people over at Monu kindly sent me these products to try out after I fell in love with their primer and I was excited to be able to try out some more things. I think I'm quite addicted to trying out different skincare products and generally being on the hunt for products that will actually better my skin as it is a complete pain to look after. First up is the Nourishing Treatment Oil which has a non-greasy texture when applied onto the skin (I've always worried about that when it comes to face oils) and sinks in quickly. As this was also designed to have effects of anti ageing , my mum was keen to get involved and so we used it to see how we would both feel about it and get a better perspective on how it works for different age groups. I've found that my skin has been much more radiant compared to when I don't use an oil at all. I usually only use it at night but you can also use it before you apply makeup in the morning, and I tried it out to see whether it would affect the look of makeup or the lasting power and it didn't (and it didn't irritate my skin either!).  My mum found that the biggest difference for her was also the radiance that it gave her skin, reducing dullness and giving her a more youthful glow - she's been using it every morning and night since she first started and said that she can tell the difference if she misses it out a few days.

As well as the oil, we tried out the Active Collagen Eye Patches, which I was really intrigued about. They promise to calm the skin around the eyes, hydrate and firm to reduce the appearance of fine lines, or even just make the area appear brighter and more awake (much needed after long days at a computer and inevitable panda eyes am I right?). They were super easy to use, you peel them out of the packaging, apply to the under eye area, dab with a damp cloth until they become transparent and then leave them for the required time - I find the process of it quite relaxing and it gives you an extra reason to take some time out for yourself. After one application we both noticed that the area looked brighter and more awake, and my mum especially said she noticed a plumping effect on the fine lines around her eyes the more she used them. Of course these are not a necessity and it's not something that you absolutely need to have in your skincare kit, but they are great for special occasions or when you want to go the extra step to make your skin as a whole look great. I think my mum looks beautiful without any of these but I know how much more confidence we gain from our skin looking happy and healthy, so I'm glad they were a hit not only with me but with her too! 

Do let me know if you've used any Monu products before and what you thought of them. Hope you're having a great weekend so far and speak to you soon! 

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