4 April 2015

Fashion | Spring Ready Wardrobe Wishlist

asos stripe vintage playsuit
asos blue peter pan collar coat
topshop lace playsuit chunky heels
asos shift dress black
70's camel suede shift dress tunic
kimono blouse blue asos
skirt tuille orange asos

I've been so busy lately that I've barely had any time to go shopping like I usually do to try and update my wardrobe for the new season (the crap weather is probably not helping me get into the spring fashion mood either), but to make up for it I've been browsing online and a lot of the clothes I've been seeing have seriously taken my fancy, so I've put together some of my favourites for you. 

First up is the Asos Vintage Playsuit which as a stripe lover had me falling head over heels as it looks really cute and effortless, and on top of that it looks so comfortable too and can be worn super casual or easily dressed up with the right accessories if you wish. Next is the Asos Peter Pan Collar Coat (am I the only one that struggled to say that?) which might not seem like the most relevant item of clothing for spring, but I do live in England and when you live in England you can't really ever rule out a coat can you? This one is a really pretty shade of blue which makes it perfectly on trend for spring, at least much more so than the consistently black coats I've been sporting since September. I think the cut is really flattering and the peter pan collar is a lovely touch too!

To break up what seems to be quite an Asos heavy post, I'll pop some Topshop in here in the form of this Strappy Lace Playsuit and Chunky Platforms. Again, you can't really go wrong with a playsuit, this one is more suited to the evening than the stripy Asos one, and the lace detailing offers a little bit more than just a plain black playsuit. The only issue I could see with this is that it has the seam going across the middle which I've found can sometimes be a bit hit and miss depending on the person as if it's too high up/low down it just doesn't look right, you gotta just cross your fingers with that one. As for the shoes, they are just gorgeous aren't they? I don't have many colourful heels, and as much as this colour would be completely out of my comfort zone, the style is actually quite toned down and they definitely look wearable and comfortable, especially with the ankle straps going across for extra support. 

Could you sense I'd have more Asos coming up? This 60's Shift Dress is a nice twist on the usual LBD, not the brightest of options but let's face it, black is a staple all year round and it always will be! By adding the hole detailing in the middle along with the deep v-neckline, it offers something a little different and a bit more spring/summer friendly. Again this can be dressed up with the right heels, makeup and accessories or it can be worn super casual too. Next is this Suedette Tunic Dress in Camel, which you may have noticed is seriously a crowd favourite at the moment, and the colour and texture together really give off the 70's vibes which people seem to be loving. Even though it's a toned down colour and a super simple cut, it is definitely something which would be a statement piece in an outfit. This Cropped Kimono Blouse is a really simple and feminine piece which is perfect for days where you just want to throw some jeans on but still look like you've made some effort. The kimono style sleeves add a bit of something different to a regular shirt, and the lightweight material means it's good to go for spring and summer. 

Last but not least it's the Needle & Thread Tulle Maxi Skirt, which is something that I think looks absolutely stunning and I'm super envious of anyone that has bought it and pulls it off because I'm definitely unsure of whether I'd be able to (I guess that's what living in monochrome colours and skinny jeans 99% of the time does to someone!). This one is definitely the 'wish I had the confidence to wear' pick of the wishlist.

Do let me know what you guys think of these picks, and I hope you're having a lovely Easter weekend, I'm heading back home to London today which I'm super excited for and I'll be keeping you updated on the coming week - speak to you soon! 
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