25 April 2015

Beauty | La Roche-Posay, Vichy and Roger&Gallet Haul

After me going on about them at any given opportunity, you guys might be aware that La Roche Posay are one of my absolute favourite skincare brands, and I swear by their Toleriane range in particular. I usually use their original Tolieriane Ultra moisturiser because it completely hydrates my skin without feeling greasy or overpowering, sinks in super quickly and most importantly does not irritate my skin at all. I was very kindly offered the opportunity to try out some bits from their new range and I was definitely not disappointed!

The Toleriane Ultra Fluide is a thinner, silkier formula compared to the original which was definitely thicker in texture, making it perfect for right now as the weather is picking up. My skin feels hydrated instantly as well as for the rest of the day, and it absorbs into the skin almost instantly. It is amazing under foundation as I've found it helps it go on really smoothly but there is no residue to cause makeup to move around or not stay where you need it to - especially important when there are pesky breakouts to cover up. I've noticed that the moisturisers in this range have given my skin a feeling of being soothed and comfortable throughout the day and overnight which I haven't found with any other brand, so it's a big thumbs up from me with this one.

Another new addition is the Toleriane Ultra Eye Contour, which is the first eye product that I've tried from the brand. With eye creams I usually just want something that keeps the area soft, hydrated and non-irritated and this ticks all those boxes. I apply this morning and night all over the eye contour area and it makes the area around my eye look smoother and quite plump and like the moisturiser it absorbs really quickly - I've always found it annoying when I can feel that the eye cream is on so the lightweight refreshing texture of this was a big bonus. I always like to run my hands under cold water before I apply my moisturisers as I find it really lovely and cooling, especially around the eye area. When I went away for the weekend and forgot to pack this, I could definitely tell the difference and that my skin was missing it.

As well as the creams I got to try out some bits from Vichy and Roger & Gallet too. The Aqualia Thermal Power Serum from Vichy aims to reduce dehydration in the skin, make it appear plumper and more radiant using ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which we all know by now is great for our skin! Using the moisturiser on it's own was brilliant but putting this underneath as well seems to have made my skin absorb it even more and they've made a big difference to my skin - it's hard to describe how but it just looks and feels healthier. The product is dispensed in a perfect amount for the entire face and sinks in very quickly without any residue left over. Whenever I get red marks on my face they seemed to stick around forever, and I feel like this one has helped that process speed up a bit and I'm so happy to say these products have helped it go in the right direction!

Lastly are the two hand balms from Roger & Gallet. I got to try out the Blood Orange Bienfaits and Fleur de Figuier scents (the second is definitely my favourite, if you guys ever come across it, you need to smell it!). Not only do they smell amazing but they make my hands so soft for absolutely ages, and they are a mattifying texture which I'd never really come across before. There is nothing more annoying than moisturising your hands and not being able to pick anything up without getting the residue all over it, and that's not a problem with this one. The packaging is my favourite kind for hand creams, just a really thin no fuss tube to throw into your handbag. 

I've really enjoyed using all these products over the past month, and would recommend them to any of you guys - especially the Toleriane Ultra Fluide and Vichy Power Serum as they've made the biggest difference for me. Let me know what you think!

 Speak to you soon...

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