20 April 2015

Beauty | 5 Tips For Sensitive Skin

My skin is an absolute nightmare when it comes to sensitivity, it reacts to pretty much everything and it means I have to be extra careful not to do anything to irritate it or make it flare up (and as a blogger that tries out a lot of products it can be difficult...). I thought I'd put together some tips that I've learned from experience that you might find useful. I'd love to know any tips you have for me and for others too so do leave them below as they might help someone! 

1) Have an assigned area on your face that you will try new products out on for a few days before you start using it all over. I use my forehead and whether it's a new moisturiser, serum, face mask or foundation, I always test it out just in that area first so that if my skin reacts badly I know exactly what has caused it, if it reacts well then I know it's safe to use on the rest of my face - I don't like taking any risks as my skin takes what feels like my entire life to recover.

2) This one follows on from the first point quite well, and that is to try not to start using more than one product on your face at any one time. I learned this lesson the hard way and my skin definitely used to suffer for it as I used to try out a few new different products and I had no clue what was causing it to react badly. That resulted in me feeling insecure about my skin, as well as the fact it is a waste of money as I had to stop using all the new products before I could even think about trying them out again. The only positive that came from it was that it made me much more cautious than I used to be and my skin has definitely thanked me for it. 

3) Don't be afraid of liquid exfoliants. I used to be terrified at the thought of putting anything with the word acid involved, but after reading up on it (mainly thanks to a certain Miss Hirons) I realised that it might actually be worth a go. I'm so glad I did because I used to use exfoliators with tiny grains and now I look back on it, I realise that it irritated my skin a hell of a lot, and that I should have been more scared of those than I was the liquid exfoliants. Since using the Pixi Glow Tonic morning and evening, the surface of my skin has become so much smoother, my pores have shrunk dramatically and I don't get as many breakouts which means my foundation goes on like a dream. Although it appears a little red in certain areas after you first apply it,  it's perfectly normal and goes down soon after.  

4) If you can, always try out a sample of a product. If you usually pick up a lot of foundation samples, I recommend keeping them and cleaning them so that you can use them for when you need a sample of a skincare product. I know not all brands and stores have their own samples, but I've found that they're usually willing to help a gal with sensitive skin out with a sample if you take your own pot. You are investing in something which in a lot of cases with skincare, can be quite expensive, so don't go for the full size straight away unless you really have to. 

5) Wear suncream every single day. I know it sounds over the top and here in England it's easy to be fooled into thinking that our skin isn't at risk from the sun, but it really is, especially if it is sensitive anyway. The general thoughts around suncream on the face aren't the best - they can be greasy, thick and irritating to the skin, and I used to hate using it unless I absolutely had to because it used to make my skin flare up, not just momentarily but for hours afterwards. Since using the Kiehls Ultra Light Daily Defence, my skin has no longer been irritated and I leave the house everyday knowing that my skin is protected with factor 50, so I urge you to find the right one for your skin because it's not worth the damage that the sun will do to it! 

I hope these tips have been somewhat useful to you, and please leave any tips of your own below for me or anyone else with sensitive skin! Speak to you soon...
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