7 March 2015

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Hey guys! Today's post is all about Duck & Dry, an awesome boutique blow dry bar on the Kings Road that I had been eager to visit ever since it opened. I missed out on the opening event because of university which I was gutted about as I really wanted to check the place out, so I was over the moon when they kindly invited me to go and try it out once I was back home! 

It may still be pretty new but as soon as I walked in I could tell why this place had caught on so quickly and made its mark in the area like it had been there a long while. The staff were professional but super friendly and I was made to feel comfortable from the moment I stepped in. I've had many experiences in hairdressers where it's obvious they don't care all that much about the customer, and they just want you in and out as soon as possible - needless to say I've not returned to those places. Duck & Dry on the other hand was the complete opposite and each customer had someone checking up on them and making sure they were happy with everything. It's definitely not the kind of place where you would be made to feel awkward for wanting to stop to put your phone on charge! My stylist was the lovely Giovanni, who managed to do my hair in the space of 15 minutes and make it look amazing - and I have a LOT of hair. Some hairdressers have taken the best part of an hour trying to blow dry my hair and it usually hadn't looked any better than when I did it myself, but I would give a lot to be able to do what Giovanni did to my hair, everyday. He even gave me a middle parting which I had never ever tried out before because I was so used to a side parting that I just didn't think it suited me, but I loved it and he definitely gave me a little bit of confidence to sport a new hairstyle.  

I went for Low Tide Waves, but there is a whole menu available to choose from and of course the stylists are always on hand to make recommendations. All blow dry's are £28 no matter how much hair you have or how long it is - this was amazing as most places base the price on this! They also have an Up-Do menu which ranges from casual styles to a few which would be perfect for a special occasion, all of which come to £35. I think it's such a good idea to have this as an option because I hardly ever wear my hair up as I think it looks so boring on me, as well as the fact I'm utterly useless when it comes to doing anything fancy with an Up-Do and I'd love to go back and see what they can do with it. 

Alongside the amazing service, I also loved the design of the place. The pretty exterior matched the super trendy and light open space inside, which had a really cosy feel unlike many salons which can be quite intimidating and office-y. Adding to the cosy feel was the bar located right next to the blow dry area which had drinks and snacks readily available for customers should you want any. It is such a gorgeous space and because of that, they also have the option to hold events there from birthdays to blow dry breakfasts, maybe even a blogger event! I think it's a really nice and different idea where you can get the girls together to have some fun and have your hair done at the same time, or you can even book them to come out to where you are for the day! 

No matter whether you intend on going for a casual blow dry or making an event of it, I have a feeling you wouldn't be disappointed with the Duck & Dry experience - I know it's definitely going to be my new favourite place to do my hair and I have already recommended it to pretty much every woman I know. I can tell that it's going to do so well and I look forward to seeing what it achieves. I'd love to know if you've visited before, and which styles you like the look of from the menu!  

Speak soon...

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