21 February 2015

Let's Chat | My 5 Blogging Don'ts

Hey guys! I've seen a few posts recently with lists of what we should do as bloggers, most of them quite specific in terms of content, for example how often we should post, the need for a niche, and even what we should and shouldn't post. I don't agree that any of us should have to abide by  'rules' when choosing what we write about, because at the end of the day it's our own little section of the internet and we should be able to post what we want to post, if we didn't then every blog would be the same and it would get very boring indeed. So in light of that I thought I'd create this post with some broader tips of what I think could be useful in the blogging world, whether you're just starting out or have been doing it for a while. 

1. Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle. This is a tough one because it's so hard to not compare ourselves to other bloggers, especially some of the biggest bloggers out there and it can definitely get people down in the dumps about their own blog. I used to do this so much in the beginning because let's face it, I was clueless on all aspects of blogging and everyone seemed to be doing everything 10x better than me. Now that I've been doing it for a while longer, it's easier to see that nothing constructive was ever going to come of me comparing the blog I'd started 5 months before, to blogs that had been growing for years. Everyone started at the beginning, there is no shortcut and everyone who got to where they are now did so because they worked hard, so rather than sitting there and comparing your blog in a negative way, turn it around and think of your strengths and what steps you can take to keep growing your blog. No-one has ever got to the top of a ladder without climbing it first.

2. Don't be negative about the success of others. As lovely as the majority of the blogging community is, there are always going to be exceptions, mainly expressing their jealousy at the success of others in a pretty immature way. I really don't understand the point in it at all, because in my opinion their success in no way affects how well you will do as a blogger so you may as well just be happy for people because you'd want people to be happy for you if you were in their position. 

3. Don't spam on social media. No-one likes it and your spam would definitely not be an exception to that. Use social media not just to promote your latest post, but also for what it was designed for - to actually interact with and get to know others like yourself. Of course you can post your links because after all the hard work you want to put it out there for people to see, but for the love of god don't do it every 15 minutes and have it be the only thing you ever tweet because people will get fed up  of what seems like a robot throwing links left, right and centre on their feed. Again, it takes effort and hard work, and you need to make effort with people, they don't owe you anything and they would be taking the time out of your day to read your post. Talking and getting to know other amazing bloggers has been one of the biggest benefits of blogging for me so definitely take advantage of it! 

4. Don't start blogging for freebies. From an outside perspective I can see how blogging would look like an easy way to get free stuff, but honestly that is not what it is about at all. It is a lot of hard work, time keeping, creativity and constantly trying to come up with content, and getting sent products to try out is barely a fraction of what's involved in blogging. It is lovely getting sent things from brands, but it is definitely not something you should 'expect' or feel like you have a right to getting just because you've started a blog - it doesn't just happen, it takes a lot of hard work and you get a lot of offers of things that you will most likely not accept anyway. 

5. Whatever you do, don't buy your followers. This defeats the purpose of blogging and will make you lose credibility. It applies to any social platform and there is no point in having 10K followers when you don't actually have people engaging with you about your content. A follower number is definitely not the be all and end all and it means nothing if you don't actually have people that enjoy your blog, I don't know about you but to me it would just feel like posting to an empty audience and that's not what blogging is about at all. Following and unfollowing people to gain followers will also make you lose credibility and people may go from actually considering reading your blog, to just finding you plain annoying. Just don't do it. 

So those are my top five blogging dont's - I'd really love to know your thoughts on them and if you have any to add -
Speak to you soon!! 
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