8 February 2015

Fashion | Workout Wardrobe

I gave myself a bit of a break from buying new clothes because it's now got to the point where I have literally no more space to fit anything in. Then I somehow found a way out of that by shifting my focus online from normal clothes to gym gear - oops. But in all seriousness I do think that it's important to have some good gym gear so that you're able to carry out different exercises properly and feeling supported in the right areas if ya know what I mean. I've put together a bunch of different bits for you guys, ranging from high end to some more affordable pieces...

First up is the Nike Hoodie - I can't really go to the gym without having something cosy like this to throw on before and after in case it gets chilly, and in my opinion you can't get any better than a classic black one because it goes with anything as well. The Pro Gym Bra is also classic and simple, although it doesn't offer a huge amount of support, it's great for those looking for medium support in light/medium impact exercises and is also a racerback which I loveee. The Lucy leggings mainly caught my eye because they look so much cooler than every other black legging out there, but the high waist promises to keep everything tucked in and helps to increase core support for a body hugging fit. 

Next up were some pieces from Lulu Lemon, I enjoy pretty much everything they have to offer and they're definitely not the most affordable of the bunch, but the high quality definitely makes up for it. I have a pair of leggings from Lulu Lemon but haven't tried out any tops so I thought I'd include some in this post. The Free To Be bra caught my eye because of the back design - it is made for yoga so offers light support but I can just tell how much flexibility and room to breathe you would have with this. The second piece is a Tank which is an essential for me, I personally don't like exercising in just a sports bra so something like this to throw on top is perfect, loose fitting and designed to keep you as cool as a cucumber when you're feeling very hot and bothered.

The last three pieces are from H&M and are a lot more affordable than the others but do a great job regardless. My obsession with grey definitely managed to slip out with these picks, I'm a cheerful gal I promise. I've used the sports bra and it surprisingly offers pretty good support which I was pleased with, usually I find I have to go into the £25+ region to find something which supports the way it says it will. I thought the Seamless sports top looked great for when you want to go for a run or cycling etc, it's a good way to keep covered without having to layer up. Last but not least, the yoga tights - I think these sound really cool because they're pretty much like a normal legging but have an opening for the heels and anti-slip material for beneath your feet so you can get stretching without worrying about slipping everywhere, you'd be surprised how easy it is to do when you're a beginner! 

Let me know what you think of these pieces and how your gym sessions have been going! I've been doing a lot more Pilates than usual lately and seriously loving it. It's pretty great being able to feel yourself getting better at it with every session! 
Speak to you soon - 
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