22 January 2015

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I know I'm still at uni, and it won't be a little while until I get my own place in London, but I still can't help but be a complete sucker when it comes to home-ware. If you're out with me and I spot the home-ware section (especially when a particularly good visual merchandiser has been let loose on it) then you can expect to join me in wandering around it for a while. You can imagine how Ikea would be a fun time for all involved with me there. I really can't wait until I have my own place to decorate as I wish, but until then I will be posting wish-lists and helping the 'rents decorate my childhood home for a while longer. Today I thought I'd do a wall decor post for you, just to give you a few ideas if you're on the hunt for some pieces or thinking to re-decorate and need some inspiration! I think they make such a difference when you're trying to make a house feel like home, and can really add the finishing touch to the look you're going for in any room. I'm not the only one that can't resist the home-ware section am I?!

I fell in love with number 1 as soon as I saw it, the girl and the landscape blended in looks super pretty and would probably look great in any room! Number 6 is something that I'd most associate with a home office space, just to add a pop of colour and make it a nicer environment to work in, especially if you're in there for most of the day. Overall you guys can probably tell that a lot of them are related to places I love or travelling - they're my favourite kind of thing to decorate a home with and have reminders of. My love for London and Paris have definitely come through in this post, the idea of them both makes me happy so having something along the lines of 3, 4 and 5 would be a must. Aside from places close to home, if you've been around these parts for a while you'll know just how obsessed I am with wanting to travel the world and seeing an entirely different side to it - going on safari is definitely on the bucket list! One day I'd want to have something like number 7 in my own home to remind me of it. I'd love to know what type of thing you have to remind you of the places you've visited? 

I hope this post has given you a little bit of inspiration for the home - 
Speak to you soon! 
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