5 January 2015

Beauty | Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette

An eyeshadow palette that I've found myself reaching out for pretty much everyday, and all for just £8. This was the first Makeup Revolution purchase that I'd made and I honestly didn't know what to expect because the only eyeshadow palettes I'd really used before were the Naked Palettes, and a few others in that price range. I'd read a lot of reviews on other products saying that you get a lot for your money, and after using this for about a month now I'd have to say I do agree. They might not seem as luxurious in terms of quality as some of the much more expensive palettes, but the shades are beautiful and there's a huge range, they have great pigmentation, easily blend-able and they last as long as I've needed them to with an eyeshadow primer underneath - what more could you want right? 

On a day to day basis I usually wear an eye look that is quite light but a bit smokey and each time I reach for Paper all over the lid, Almost There on the outer half of my lid, Smudge to define my crease and then Pure Chocolate just in the outer corner for definition. It might sound boring to always go with those but if it works then why naaat? I've found them to be really great tones as well and I can work with them so that they give a nice smokey finish without the panda eyes; something that is sadly too easy to end up with. When I want a bit of shimmer but still want to keep the eyes light, I do exactly the same thing, except instead of putting Pure Chocolate in the corner, I opt for a shimmery shade on the centre of the lid such as Angel or Highlite. I did this with Angel in the photo above (from my christmas makeup post here) but you can choose anything from Metal to Golden Night depending on how dark you want it to be. I've found that for evening looks, Greenstars and Black Tie (the prettiest sparkly black) have been the shades I've reached out for the most and all the dark shades are so nicely pigmented. As for Night, it is quite a brave one to go in with but I've found it looks great in the outer corner for an evening look, and I've often used it to line my top lashes with a bit of Fix+ and an angled liner brush for days when I want a more smudged out rather than defined liner. The lightest shades such as Paper and Soft Glow might not come out that great in the photo's because they're so similar to my skin tone but I've found that the rest of the shades look much nicer and more cleaned up when putting one of the lightest shades all over to create an even base. 

The shades that I'd like to learn to use more are Burgundy Nights and Red Night because they're so pretty but I'm just your average Nina when it comes to bold makeup and haven't quite got the hand of red tones yet because it's easy to make yourself look like you haven't slept in a few days. I'll get practising and hopefully get back to you with a look on that one. I do think the Flawless Palette is worth a try because there's so much choice that you can  create looks to accompany pretty much any occasion or a certain lipstick you have in mind, and with 32 shades for £8, you really can't go wrong. 

Do let me know below if you've tried this, and even if you haven't, which shades you like the look of? I'd also love it if you could leave me your Makeup Revolution recommendations for me to try! 
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