28 November 2014

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Christmas is fast approaching, and I couldn't be more excited. It's definitely my favourite time of year because it brings back so many memories of being at home with my family, especially now that I'm at uni and away most of the time.  There is nothing better at this time of year than lighting some candles and sitting under a cosy blanket with a tasty mug of hot chocolate - it's what reminds me most of my childhood and makes me very happy indeed!

You'll find endless christmassy scents in shops at the moment, but I like to save those until late December, and stick with random scents up until then - just lighting them is so relaxing!  I was so excited when the lovely owners of Chantel Martin asked to collaborate with me and send me some of their scents to try out, and I couldn't say no because I know how much you guys love a good candle too. I thought it was really cool to try out some different candles because I've always just seemed to opt for Yankee Candles and never really looked elsewhere. Saying that, although the Yankee Candles smelled great, the fact they always produced so much smoke and pretty much turned the jars black never really impressed me all that much, so I was really hoping the Chantel Martin candles would impress me more on that end.

They kindly offered to send me one each of the Luxury, Contemporary and Medium style candles in my chosen scents and I opted for Whitewood, Vanilla & Patchouli, White Musk and Hot Apple Pie (...had to choose something for christmas time!). As well as those, they generously sent me the votives of all the other scents so that I could sample those too. They arrived individually wrapped and in perfect condition, and I felt like an excited child unwrapping and smelling each one! I know a lot of people have quite a specific type of scent that they enjoy, whether it's zesty scents or sweet scents, but luckily I seem to be quite open to most scents unless they are sickly sweet. Chantel Martin offers scents that range from Fresh Lemon and Sweet Strawberry to White Musk and Cranberry.

All of the candles that I've tried had very distinct scents when cold, and after burning them the scent became even more vivid and filled the room. Back to the smoke factor; I followed the instructions that come with the candles to ensure the best burn, and was so pleasantly surprised by how minimal the amount of smoke produced was and that the jars didn't completely turn black like they have with other brands which meant they only really looked pretty on first use. I also burned some of the votives all the way through and there was very little wax left at the bottom so barely anything was wasted. I had two favourites in particular which I thought made my room smell absolutely amazing, the first of which was the Whitewood Vanilla & Patchouli candle, which was so refreshing and the perfect amount of sweet without becoming sickly like a lot of candles out there can be - this one has a certain je ne sais quoi to it.  The second was Hot Apple Pie, which even after the first time I smelled it cold, I could tell it was going to be one of the best - it's just such a lovely cinnamon-y, spicy scent and I know I'm saving burning the rest for when I'm sitting around the fireplace at christmas time. I'm rather excited to introduce my mum to it when I go back home because she loves a good candle! 

If you are a fan of very fresh clean scents then I would recommend scents such as Fresh Lemon, Baby Powder and Clean Cotton. For those that love very sweet scents; Strawberry, Bubblegum and Luscious Vanilla will be more your kind of thing. I do love the presentation of the candles and think they are the really simplistic - I'm not really a fan of over the top packaging myself and just think it looks much nicer this way, they are looking super cute on my windowsill at the moment. The collection ranges from £2.50 to £19.99 so I think there really is something for everyone in terms of price and scent and I highly recommend trying them out to see what your favourites are - if you try Hot Apple Pie, let me know if you like it as much as I do!

I hope one person in particular doesn't read this post because I know what I'll be putting in her stocking this year - I'm pretty sure she burns a different candle every day! I'd love to know what your favourite candles are and what you think of these!

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