17 October 2014

Let's Chat | Pressure about the future

I've been feeling quite pressured lately, not because of anything bad happening in my life, but because sometimes we don't really know what to make of the situation we're in. Of course pressure comes at all ages and in different forms, but what I'm getting at is that if you're my age, you might be feeling the same way in that you are expected to know exactly what you want to do with your life, and more frustratingly, expected to know exactly what to do in order to get there. Being 20, I don't remember a time when I wasn't in education, and I don't mind that - I love to learn, but I haven't known anything other than being in education, so how am I supposed to know what I want to do for the rest of my life? A lot of my friends seem to agree with me, and it's easy to see why because that's a hell of a lot of years to account for.

This pressure can range from career options, to being able to afford your dream house in 10 years time, to generally making choices now which will lead to your future happiness. If you're anything like me, that can be an overwhelming concept, because things are never that straightforward. I have so many ideas regarding a career floating around in my head and I admit I do put pressure on myself because I don't want to make the wrong one, because right now, there isn't a part of me which feels completely certain about any one of them. I want to use the time after uni to work out what I want to do, but it feels almost like I'm being rushed to already know, because in today's society you can't help but feel that if you don't know exactly what you're doing, then someone else will and that's our chance gone. It's pretty hard to deal with thoughts like that, for our generation in particular, mainly because we're constantly reminded of how many people are going to be unemployed after graduating, and the economy reminding you that if you're wanting to continue living in London and buying a house, you might want to think again. I get that this is how thing's are and there's nothing that can be done about it, but I wish we didn't live in a time where we feel incapable if we haven't planned out at age of 20 how we're going to afford the house we could buy when we're in our 30's. It makes me wonder whether it's always been this way or if it is something that has developed over the generations. I'm happy with my life, I have amazing friends and family and I couldn't be more grateful for them or all the opportunities that have come my way, and it's because of this that I'd hate for us to become unable to appreciate these things about our lives right now because we're being pressured to always think about the future so much. 

I do wish that I wasn't so indecisive or overwhelmed by these things - but I've been talking to other people about it, and now to you as well, because I don't think it's right that we are made to feel that there is something wrong with us if we haven't got our life entirely planned out. It's made me realise that feeling this way won't do anyone any good, and I would much rather take a few years longer to work out what I want to spend the rest of my life doing and work my butt off for it, than look back when I'm older and realise I rushed into something I'm wasting my life on for the sake of seeming like I knew what I was doing in order to get to a place in my life that was yet to exist. I mean, I'm not even 21 yet, if I was in America I wouldn't even be allowed to buy alcohol, yet here I am being expected to decide on a life career. So, if you feel the same way, try not to let yourself feel so pressured, we don't all realise or have to decide on things at the same time and that's completely fine. 

I don't really know if this post has made sense because I've just been writing it as it made sense in my head, but I hope it has, and that it's been useful to even just one of you. I'd love to know if you're experiencing/ have experienced the same feelings?

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