9 October 2014

Fashion | Purse Picks

River Island Purse Kate Spade Ted Baker New Look Fashion

I love a good purse, at the moment I have a plain black Harvey Nichols one which has served me well, and while it was very beautiful when I first started using it, we all know that after a while they do start to look a bit worn in - no matter how much I try to keep it under control and organised, by the end of a week it is always a complete mess. The only thing is that as much as I love the thought of buying a pretty new one, I am a hoarder and just get weirdly attached to things that I have for a long time so I hate throwing out the old ones (I will probably end up keeping it in my wardrobe 'just in case'...). Above are a few that I've had my eye on, like most of my posts I try to balance it out between affordable/more expensive pieces. I'm in love with the Ted Baker detailing, and pretty much anything from Kate Spade.

Which one do you like the look of?

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