13 September 2014

Beauty | Top 5 A/W Lipsticks Under £20

I love the sense of change that comes with a new season,  from lifestyle changes to wardrobe overhauls and complete update of makeup bags. Aside from the fact that I change up the type of foundation I wear, one thing in particular that springs to mind for me as a big change is the lip colours that I wear - in the summer for some reason I stray from dark reds and extremely bold colours and just think they're much better suited to the colder months. Saying that, there are a few on here (number 4 especially) which I think works well for both, especially since the Kylie Jenner lip trend has hit. I've chosen these 5 as some choices which don't break the bank (too much!). I've swatched all the shades above on white paper and on my arm for reference. 

1. Rimmel Kate Moss in 107 Wine  | I had to include this one - a firm favourite of mine and I'm sure many of yours too. A heavily pigmented dark red with a matte finish, which can veer towards a purple-red depending on how you apply it. Only thing I have to say about this is that it can be slightly drying on the lips so make sure you moisturise them properly!

2. Nars Pure Matte in Mascat√©  |  Another matte shade, a true red which doesn't tend towards the blue or orange end of the spectrum even though I'd say it is slightly cooler toned, but would suit most complexions. I find this to be very pigmented and not at all drying, great lasting power too!

3. Nars Sheer Lipstick in Damage  |  This one was slightly more difficult to describe compared to the previous two, so I had to refer to the Nars site, where they describe it as 'sheer muted grape'. As the name suggests it goes on pretty sheer however I usually do two layers to create a slightly darker look and it looks brilliant either way. This one is very moisturising on the lips and has a natural sheen rather than being too glossy or matte. Doesn't last as long compared to the matte alternatives.

4. Max Factor Elixir Lipstick in Burnt Caramel  |  Burnt caramel is a nude lipstick, which suits my complexion very well as it doesn't have pink undertones in it. You can wear this very sheer on the lips or apply two layers as I have in the swatch above. I can't usually wear most nude lipsticks as they are far too pale, and my features don't let me get away with it as I look like I'm wearing foundation on my lips and that's not a look anyone should be trying to achieve. This one is just dark enough and I'd say the perfect nude shade for me. Again, this is quite moisturising on the lips, but does have a stronger 'lipstick smell' than the others which is a bit of a bummer but I try to look past it. The finish is quite glossy but not overpowering, and the lasting power is okay but not as good as the matte picks, which is usually the case!

5. Korres Mango Lipstick in Orange Red  |  This one is where I left my comfort zone and took a taxi into the next town. Completely different to anything I usually wear, not only because it very much tends towards orange, but because it is extremely extremely glossy, which for a matte lover, you can guess is very difficult to adjust to, but sometimes you've gotta experiment a little. This lipstick is so moisturising and can go on quite sheer, but it is buildable. As with the other non-matte shades, the lasting power is okay but not amazing, so don't go biting into a sandwich any time soon. As it is so out of my comfort zone, I can only dare to wear this with a matte foundation, so this is the only glossy thing on ma face, it's weird of me but I feel uneasy when I see dewy skin and glossy lips. 

So those are my top picks, what are yours?

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