31 August 2014


As you can tell this is not a post where I announce my love for foolish people, it's about my slightly over-the-top obsession with all the different kinds of designs that you can get on drinking mugs, and yes I do have a mug wish list because can you ever really have too many?! It's one of those obsessions that I don't really understand, like  stationary, I don't know why on earth I enjoy them so much, but I gotta have them anyway. I know so many people who are as obsessed with them as I am, so I thought I'd dedicate a post!

The cold weather has already made an appearance here in England, and I don't know about you but I love nothing more than wrapping up warm with a hot chocolate and a blanket. My obsession with mugs dies down in the summer because I only really drink fresh juices/iced drinks, but now that it seems an acceptable temperature for hot drinks again, it's time to bring them back out - here are my top picks, some of which I think would make awesome gifts as well as sitting pretty in my kitchen. I already know you're all over that pug mug! 

1. Portmeirion Wrendale Hedgehog Mug -  Can't resist a cute hedgehog, he's loving life.
2. Pantone Vintage Blue Mug - One of my favourite colours and I just love this one! 
3. Cracked-Up Mug  - Doesn't it just look so cool?
4. Hand Painted Owl Mug  - This one is awesome for a pop of colour and some shape.
5. Pug Mug  - Need I say more people...
6. IWOOT Knitted Mug - This one looks cosy and perfect for near christmas time.
7. Cath Kidston Field Rose Stanley Mug - You've gotta have one that just looks pretty.
8. Porcelain Patterned Mug  - My fave for when you want a super yummy looking drink!

That's quite enough about mugs out of me (there's a sentence I never thought I'd say). Let me know which ones you like and if you have any cool mugs in your collection! 
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