17 August 2014

Let's Chat | A Blogging Break

You may have noticed that I haven't blogged in about two weeks, not because I was fed up of it, or I was enjoying it any less, but because I felt like all of a sudden I had so much going on outside of blogging, that it was making me feel like I was struggling to come up with fun ideas on what to write about, and generally a little uninspired. I didn't like that feeling because I associate my blog with being happy, inspired and part of a lovely community so I thought taking a break would just give me the boost that I needed to get back into it. 

Through loads of twitter conversations I know that a lot of you guys have experienced a similar thing where you get a 'block' and just can't seem to be able to write the content that you want,  and I really recommend taking a break the same way I did if you feel this way, because I really missed it! Not only that but because you're not focussing on your own blog for a little bit, it allows you to sit and read a lot more other blogs than you usually do, which helps even more with feeling inspired because there are so many of you with completely different imaginations. 

As the 2 weeks came to an end, I couldn't think of any better way to get back into the swing of things than meeting up with some other bloggers yesterday in London and going shopping - so. much. fun. I have lots of posts planned, and it's exciting to tell you that the one that will be up next is a 1 year blogging giveaway which I think you're going to love - all will be revealed soon here and on twitter so keep your eyes peeled! 

What are your top tips when you're having a bit of a blogging block? I'd love to know and it may help others out so comment them below! 
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