11 April 2014

Save The Blow Dry

Whenever I used to think of shower caps I just pictured those flimsy things that I tried once or twice and then never went back to because of how useless they were. I recall focussing more on trying to keep it on rather than actually showering, and in the end my keen-to-be-frizzy hair was looking no different than if I hadn't worn one at all. Enter the 'Queen' of shower caps and now I can't shower without one! 

I have quite thick and unruly hair so I prefer to go to the hairdressers to get it blow-dried, and when I don't, I always have to do something to tame it. This usually takes up quite a bit of my time so the thought of it being ruined as soon as I clipped it up and stepped into the shower, wasn't really ideal. 

This shower cap manages to fit all of my hair in really well without it being too snug or making it look matted and flat by the time I take it off (thinks back to primary school when my head looked like a square after every swim lesson). It has a really good elastic trim going around it, and once your hair is tucked in, it is not going anywhere.  I even put my head upside down (as you do) and it did not budge one bit. It has an absorbent micro-weave on the inside, with a protective outer layer surrounding it so when I take it off and let my hair down it feels and looks exactly how it did before I stepped into the shower and there is no sign of humidity anywhere - definitely keeps its promise on that front. 

If you turn it inside out it actually works really well as something to put your hair into if you use hair masques/treatments. I've tried this with my Daniel Galvin treatment and it worked really well to keep it in place while I got on with other things. The actual cap is really cute and girly - mine is turquoise with a hairbrush/mirror pattern on it but it also comes in a pink bow design as well and both can be purchased on the Save The Blow Dry website. 

A really nice product that I now can't shower without and my hair looks all the better for it on a day-to-day basis. 

Disclosure: The product featured above was sent to me for reviewing purposes, as I feel it was an item of interest for my readers. I did not receive any other form of compensation for this post and the opinions expressed above are 100% honest and my own. 

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