28 April 2014

Let's Chat | Appearance, Weight and Bullying

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This is a topic which has been prominent since I was very young, and I'm sure it has been for you guys too. It really comes as no surprise that people get picked on and discriminated against for their weight, although when I was in high school I definitely thought people would grow out of being so immature. Although it happens to both men and women, I've noticed a far greater pressure on women. 

One part of me thinks it's the individual's fault, they shouldn't be judging another person because they wear a different size of clothing to them. But then I come across the thousands of magazines and photos in social media which makes me think we're being made to think that a certain weight is seen as 'perfect' and that there's no arguing about it. Well I find both of these things ridiculous. I can't tell you how many times I've walked past a group of girls and heard them say things like ''Why is she wearing shorts? she's like a size 18'' or ''Did you see her legs? someone needs to take her for a burger''. What's worse is that they think it makes them better than the other person, well guess what - it really really doesn't. Shorts are sold in a size 8 and a size 18, accept it.

Oh and another thing - I'm sure you've come across countless pictures which say ''Men like women who look like this'' and ''Women like men who look like this'', I think we all can decide for ourselves what we like, and by posting things like that all over the internet, it just makes the person come across as though all they really have to offer is their looks, and I'm struggling to understand why anyone would want that. So if you don't look like the people in those pictures, that's okay because most of us don't.

Hearing things like that not only makes me sad because people are being made to think it's okay to talk about each other like that, but also because its pretty clear they don't think twice about how it would make the other person feel. I mean, how do they even know that the person they're talking about doesn't have personal issues in their life which has lead to them being a certain weight? And even if they don't, if they are happy and healthy - why should you care what size of clothing they wear? 

In my opinion, as long as you feel you are healthy, ignore anyone who tells you you don't look ''right''. If you feel like you are not healthy, and want to gain or lose some weight, then go ahead but don't do it because that person in college with a superiority complex told you to. Do it because it would make you feel healthier and more comfortable within yourself.

In the past I have cared far too much about what other people thought, and I've been told I wasn't skinny enough which of course at the age of 15 only led to one thing - me trying to lose weight. Now I'm like what the helllll was I thinking?! I've sort of primed myself to look at magazines and think ''Damn that's a lot of photoshop'' rather than ''I wish I looked like that''. Even she doesn't look like that. 

I hope some of you can relate to this, guy or girl, and please ignore little comments from people who have no right to make them, I wish I had. I haven't edited this post because it is literally what I have been thinking for so long and I decided about 20 minutes ago that I wanted to share it with you.

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