16 December 2013

GUEST REVIEW | Mellor & Russell Hand Cream

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to quickly introduce you to the lovely Jess who will be writing todays guest review. You can head over and check out her regular lifestyle and beauty bits right here, but not until you've read the lovely post below!

Hi! I’m Jess, I blog over at Just Jess, and today the lovely Saida has kindly allowed me to write a guest post for her blog! I hope you enjoy reading my review, and do pop on over and say hi if you’d like to see more of my beauty and lifestyle posts. For now, though, I’ll get on with reviewing this Mellor & Russell Macadamia Oil Repairing Hand & Nail Cream!
I picked this little tube up in Poundland, believe it or not, drawn in by the Macadamia Oil. On closer inspection, it’s actually a pretty nice handcream as far as ingredients go, with none of the petroleum and paraben-based nasties which for me can actually result in even drier skin – and all for the bargain price of £1!

The packaging is quite nice, a simple silver-coloured plastic tube with a screw cap, which has a pretty pattern on the front and all the information about the product, as well as the ingredients list, on the back. The claims it makes are as follows:

This ultra nourishing hand cream contains a special moisturising complex of Macadamia Oil and Co-Enzyme Q10, which deeply nourishes hands and nails, so skin feels instantly smoother. Usage: Massage into hands and nails when needed.

I’ve been keeping this in my desk drawer and applying it a couple of times per day, as my hands can get quite dry in Winter with the cold weather and central heating. The tube was foil-sealed for hygiene, as you can see above, which I always like to see particularly on products from discount stores such as Poundland – it’s just reassuring somehow! The cream itself is a light, white-ish cream which dispenses easily from the tube and spreads effortlessly over the skin. The amount shown in the photo above is perfect for both hands, massaging in quickly to leave the skin hydrated and soft without feeling sticky or greasy in the slightest. If you use a little too much, it will take slightly longer to work into the skin but still doesn’t leave you with any stickyness once the cream is absorbed, which is lovely. There’s a very slight scent to the cream, nothing I can place and certainly nothing off-putting, just a lovely fresh scent which makes the cream pleasant to use but isn’t something you’d notice after use unless you literally sit and sniff your hands.

All in all, this is a lovely hand cream and one I’d happily pay four or five times the price for, so it’s definitely one worth looking out for in your local Poundland! Mellor & Russell can also be found online, although I can’t find this product listed on their website currently.

Have you tried this hand cream, or any of Mellor & Russell’s other products? What’s the best beauty bargain you’ve picked up in a discount store?

Jess xo
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