19 October 2013

Let's Chat | Untamed Nature

Image sourced from google images.
There is nothing quite like walking through a place which is untouched, a place which isn't concerned with the wants or needs of everything and everyone. Places like these give a sense of adventure and mystery like no other, and you can be free to find new spaces that make you feel almost like time is standing still, where there is nothing to remind you of the very busy outside world. The sight of trees taller than you could imagine, untamed greenery that isn't removed to create paths, clusters of mushrooms that weren't intended to be consumed by humans, and the peace you find in the acknowledgement of being surrounded by things which are oblivious to stress. This divide between man and nature is what makes this a topic which I find to be very close to my heart, because these places are some of my favourite places to be, and I hope to photograph as many of them as I can in my lifetime.
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